Why 3 is a tricky number

I had always planned to have 2 children and hoped to be one of the lucky ones and land a pigeon pair.

That was until someone threw a spanner in the works, upsetting my perfect plan by asking if I would try again if I had two of the same sex. This got me thinking as they say “a girl is the apple of her father’s eye” and “a mom is her son’s first love”. Further arguments raised their lazy heads such as only sons can carry your family name through the generations. So would my partner and I be depriving ourselves by sticking to our ‘pre-arranged plan’? But NO, after much deliberation we stuck to it for these simple reasons:

1. Moms only have two hands: Have you ever watched a Mom with three small children trying to cross at a busy intersection? How do you decide whose hand to hold? Even if this choice is made relating to age, children irrespective of age are so quickly distracted and letting go could prove disastrous.

2. An average family car holds a family of 4 comfortably giving everyone a window seat.

3. Restaurant tables are normally rectangular in shape. Squeezing an extra chair at the head of the table makes it all the more uncomfortable.

4. Ever booked a ‘family room’ in a hotel? It caters for a double bed and 2-singles.

5. When on a family outing, toddlers explore in opposite directions. No problem as we are two parents but running after three kids; we could be in a spot of bother.

6. Your average home has 3 bedrooms allowing each of the two children to have their own room.

So while all of the above issues can be addressed, it is never without a family feud which makes for tiring times. And very often it is the youngest that bears the brunt: ask me – I was number 3 in my family!

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