Win 1 of 3 pairs of Real Kids Shades

We’ve teamed up with O-V Optics to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting your little ones’ eyes from as young an age as possible! Win 1 of 3 pairs of Real Kids Shades to keep your child’s eyes protected from damaging UV radiation.

Real Kids Shades has been in the children’s sun protection business since 2002. They’ve made it their mission to protect as many children’s eyes as possible from the damaging effects of UV radiation. The mission is simple – offer affordable, premium sunglasses designed just for kids. The sunglasses are manufactured with the best materials available. Most importantly, they block 100% of the sun’s harmful rays. A variety of styles and colours are available in 4 different sizes to ensure optimum fit and protection.

Real Kids Shades options

O-V Optics (Pty) Ltd is the proud distributor of Real Kids Shades in Southern Africa. The industry leader in the supply of children’s sunglasses, they offer unmatched quality and value in products and services. Their goal is to create greater awareness of the effects of UV sun damage on the eyes of children. They achieve this by informing parents and children of these dangers through various channels. They encourage the habitual use of UVA and UVB protective eyewear as part of our ingrained culture. The hope is to influence positive societal opinion and understanding, that wearing sunglasses when outside is a necessity FOR ALL… Not only for adults, but their children too.

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Curious? Click here to find out how fake sunglasses actively damage eyes.

Real Kids Shades Infographic
What is UV?
  • UV or Ultraviolet Radiation can be classified as UVA, UVB or UVC according to wavelength
  • UV light is not visible to the naked eye.
  • UVA and UVB rays penetrate the eye whereas most UVC rays are absorbed by our ever thinning ozone layer.
  • When UV is absorbed by a molecule, energy is transferred to the molecule and causes damage to the tissue.
  • This causes changes to DNA, resulting in distorted proteins and death of cells.
UV Damage in Children
  • Children are more vulnerable to UV damage as they have larger pupils and clearer lenses – a greater amount of light penetrates the ocular tissues causing an increased risk of complications.
  • Children spend more time outdoors – approximately 3 times more than adults.
  • The lenses in children’s eyes do not block as much UV radiation as they do in adults’ eyes, putting them at increased risk for sun damage to the eyes.
  • UV damage is cumulative – when damage occurs it can never be reversed, only treated.
Protecting your eyes from UV
  • A large brimmed hat can provide up to 50% protection from UV
  • Wrapped sunglasses with a UV 400 filter on the lenses provide maximum protection from UV
  • Tinted lenses or sunglasses with no UV filter cause the pupils to dilate even more in sunlight than if one were to wear no  lenses at all – this allows even more light to flood into the eye resulting in increased UV exposure.
  • Bad sunglasses = MORE damage than no sunglasses!

Real Kids Shades South Africa is the proud product partner of The Sunglasses at School Initiative by O-V Optics (Pty) Ltd. Learn more about the work they do and how to get your school involved here!

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