Win one of the beautiful Malaville Dolls with Toy Kingdom

We are in love with the new Malaville Dolls range that recently landed at national toy store, Toy Kingdom! Toy Kingdom is the first South African retailer to exclusively stock these beautiful dolls from the international Malaville Dolls range. The Malaville Dolls are a collection of ethnic dolls that come with various shades of gorgeous dark skin and stunning afro’s and curly hair. You can win your very own doll with us and Toys Kingdom this month! Malaville Dolls cover

Malaville Toys founder and international model, Mala Bryan, first made her collection available to South Africa through her online website in May 2016. She embarked on this initiative because she believed that parents should not have to struggle to find ethnic dolls, and by partnering with the toy retailer, the Malaville Dolls are now more accessible to a wider market. “Our customers have been waiting for colour dolls and we have finally found the right supplier to partner with so we can provide a more diverse representation of dolls to the market,” says Grant Webster, COO of Toy Kingdom SA.

The Malaville Dolls collection is made up of four different dolls, who all reside in the fictional town of Malaville. Bringing play and imagination to life, each doll comes with a description of her own unique background and personality traits.

Meet the Malaville Dolls

Mhina’s name means “enjoyable” and “delightful” in Kiswahili. By day, she works as an Interior Designer. As a somewhat ‘creative’, she draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings, which reflects in the textures and colours in her work. Mhina also uses her love for people and decorating to plan some of the best parties in Malaville.

Malaville Dolls - Mhina pic

She is inventive, patient and helpful and her favourite colour is pink. Her hobbies include hiking, party planning, scrapbooking, and browsing through antique shops.

Maisha is always on the go, always upbeat, and lives her life to the fullest. Her name means “life” in Kiswahili. As a top graduate of the Malaville Fashion Institute, Maisha is a sought-after fashion stylist. She is also about to launch her very own line of jewellery. She is fearless, adventurous, funny and one of the most positive and outgoing people you will ever meet.Malaville Dolls - Maisha pic

Maisha’s favourite colour is green. Her hobbies are jewellery making, bike riding, dancing, and volunteering at the local craft centre.


is a Hawaiian name that means “calming” or “soothing” and in Malaville, she’s known as Mama Malina. When this fashion model is not jet-setting around the world on photo shoots and strutting her stuff down major fashion designers’ runways, she is curled up with a good book. Malina is an inspiration to everyone around her, and she is now on her way to hosting her very own TV show. Malaville Dolls - Malina pic

The three words that best describe Malina are: affectionate, powerful, and imaginative. Her favourite colour is blue, and her hobbies include yoga, reading, mineral collecting, and visiting local libraries

Mala has an Indian name which means “necklace of flowers”. As a fashion designer, she has an eye for beautiful printed fabrics, making her outfits extra unique.  Mala exudes confidence and self-assurance and she seems to have a way to pass that on to everyone around her. She’s creative, intuitive and self-confident, and when she’s not creating beautiful clothing, she is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Malaville Dolls - Mala pic

Mala’s favourite colour is yellow and her hobbies, besides cooking, are drawing, running, gardening and creating gorgeous flower arrangements.

Tums 2 Tots Online has teamed up with Toy Kingdom to give one lucky reader their very own Mala from the Malaville Dolls range!

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Good luck everybody!!

We will announce our winner on Thursday 1 September! If we are unable to reach you before midnight on Thursday 8 September, another winner will be selected.


  1. I love them all. I was denied as a child to have a black barbies because my mother and grandmother thought they were not as pretty as the white ones. Though I asked constantly…. would always get the white version of the doll I picked. Though I cried….. was told to be grateful.

  2. Mihna is my favourite doll! She is gorgeous and sounds as though she enjoys her life, has a great spirit, and is a ‘do good babe’. I lover that she is a nature lover and creativity is what drives her.

  3. Malina is my favourite. I collect limited edition dolls and would love to add these gorgeous dolls to my collection. Shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto

  4. Malina is our choice cause she is everything my little girl is not but hey, they both love blue…

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