Win a month’s supply of Predo Baby Diapers

For years there has been a debate between which of the two premium diaper brands is the best.  Every one has a different opinion. Internationally, there has always been a third option. And now we have access to that third brand in South Africa! We have teamed up with the Predo Baby team to give one of you the chance to try these gorgeous new diapers with your little one for a whole month!

Predo Baby focuses on keeping their customers happy. They use research, development and quality control to produce only the  best quality products to keep baby and mommy happy.

Predo Baby uses advanced technology to provide a softer, thinner and more comfortable diaper. Older generation diapers use a thick fluff inner core and a SAP layer, which turns liquid into gel. Predo uses a thinner fluff inner core and a higher concentration of SAP, absorbing moisture quickly and keeping baby comfortable for longer.

More than 20 countries around the world sell Predo Baby diapers. The brand is synonymous with quality and care.

Some of the reasons you should be using Predo Baby Diapers:
  • The back sheet of the diaper is textile, not plastic, allowing airflow. The fabric of the nappy is soft cottony and breathable.
  • The soft dry-touch liner absorbs wetness in seconds, leaving baby dry and happy for longer.
  • They have leak barriers, that absorb fast and stops the nappy from sagging.
  • The diapers contain a hypoallergenic baby moisturising cream, protecting baby’s skin and adding a lovely SAFE scent.
  • They have a soft elasticated waist band to allow easy of movement and comfort.
  • They are fully bio- degradable!!
predo baby
How can you win 3 Jumbo Packs of Predo Baby Diapers for your little one?

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Good luck everybody!!

The giveaway closes on Monday 31 October and the winner will be announced within that week! Make sure you are following us on social media so that you don’t miss the announcement!

We will select another winner if we are unable to reach you before midnight on Friday 11 November.

*This competition is sadly only open to those currently residing in South Africa*




  1. Baby Keshni is 3 weeks old was born 25 September 2016 would really love to win for her 💞💞💞💞💞💞 ALL STEPS DONE #PredoBaby I LOVE Predo 💕💕💕💕💕fingers and toes crossed fanastic giveaway

  2. I think Would love to use predo as I have been wondering. What brand to use. M having my babe girl next week Tuesday (25/10/2016)

  3. Daniel, our first-born is due in December … supposedly going to be a Christmas Baby, but who knows whether he’ll be happy with the 25th December or whether he chooses a different date to arrive 🙂 I love the idea that these nappies are bio degradable!!! And am super keen to try them and hopefully have Daniel be a dry and happy #PredoBaby 🙂

  4. Newborn baby – April 2017. (Shared on FB and twitter. Liked Predo baby’s FB page and Tums2Tots Online’s page. Commented on both FB posts. And filled in the form.)

  5. My baby is 18 months old and very active. I have Alotta accidents and would love to try your brand.. esp for nights ..

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