World’s Number 1 Feminine Hygiene Wash

Lactacyd, the world’s number 1 feminine hygiene wash, gets a fresh new ‘Active Fresh’ fragrance.

For over 30 years, doctors and women worldwide have trusted Lactacyd to provide daily intimate care by maintaining pH balance and prevention of unwanted bacterial infections in the vagina. It has become a trusted daily partner of women who understand that feminine hygiene is essential to stay healthy and confident.

Lactacyd contains mild milk-based ingredients, which help in maintaining pH balance in the sensitive intimate areas. It cleanses and provides long-lasting freshness and can be used safely everyday.

Lactacyd Active Fresh is especially good for active women who want refreshing confidence daily and protection from harmful organisms that may cause burning, itching, and unpleasant odour.

If anything, active women need to be more vigilant than most about feminine hygiene – they need to shower more, and the potential for creating a pH imbalance with harsh soaps is therefore higher. Working out increases the production of sweat and other secretions. Go straight from your workout to the shower, and take special care with intimate cleansing.

Recommended by doctors and gynaecologists, Lactacyd Active Fresh is available in a 120 ml and 200 ml bottle at leading pharmacies and retail outlets at a recommended price of R51.87 and R74.14 respectively.

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