10 Parenting tips to stay sane

Whoever said parenting is an easy job has obviously never done it before or they were completely insane.

With that statement confirmed we know that it is the most frustrating and difficult job but thankfully the good times outweigh the demanding ones.  When you sign up for this job, the only shift on offer is 24/7 and just when you think you’ve mastered it, it changes as your child enters a new ‘phase’.

With only the odd tip, trick or criticism to show you the way, it’s a complete hands-on learning experience for both you and your family.  Valuable lessons are often learnt the hard way but learnt nevertheless.  So step back, look at the bigger picture and consider some of the following tips to help you stay sane

  1. Laugh at yourself. This is the first and foremost tip – you have to see the humour in parenting. Goodness me with no previous training, you are not doing a bad job.
  2. Forgive your child. So your baby has upset your routine, deprived you of sleep and turned you into a walking zombie but they need you. Then comes your toddler who will test you to the limit – it’s all part of the learning process.
  3. Throw the book away. Use these simply as guidelines because at the end of the day there is no wrong or right way. Stick with the rule that works best for you and your family.
  4. Enjoy every moment. Each stage bring new joys as well as challenges but they are all short lived so live for the moment and create memories to cherish.
  5. Laugh with your child. Kids can be so funny as they progress through a world full of new adventures to explore. Laugh with them….each day we make ‘deposits in their memory bank’.
  6. Forget the housework, it can wait. Do not sacrifice precious family time for trivial tasks that can be done later. No one can turn back the clock.
  7. Love every second of every stage. Don’t wish any time away even the annoying habits. Time passes us by too quickly and before you know it, they will have grown up and left home.  Sadly there are no second chances!
  8. A messy house is normal. Go with the flow as keeping a neat family house is like trying to sweep up leaves in a hurricane.
  9. Love and hug your family every day. Love in abundance builds happy, healthy and confident children. Enjoy the moment as sometimes teenagers do not appreciate this show of affection by Mom.
  10. Forgive yourself. No matter what is said, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. We’ve all made mistakes.  Your kids don’t need a ‘Super Mom’ – they need you, a mom who has tried their best and loved unconditionally.

Parenting need not drive you insane so give some of these parenting tips a try! Here’s holding thumbs….

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