11 Common Car Seat Mistakes

11 Common Car Seat Mistakes … And how to avoid them.

It boggles the mind as to how there are still folks out there who don’t understand the risks involved when choosing not to safely secure their kids in appropriate car seats, or at all. I mean, yes, “you’re such a careful driver”… And maybe “you’ve never been in an accident before”, right? I get it. Well, here’s a chilling truth: We lose 4 to 5 children in car crashes on a daily basis. Some of those are because of simple car seat mistakes.

Fortunately, the proper use of a correctly installed car seat greatly reduces a child’s risk of injury or death. BUT, here’s another dose of sobering stats… Especially for the parents out there who thought they could breathe a sigh of relief, since we diligently bought the seats and strapped our kids in…

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under in South Africa**. In part because 4 out 5 car seats are used incorrectly. And nearly a third of children ride in incorrect restraints for their size and age.

Dude! FOUR out FIVE car seats are not being used correctly!! That’s just mental! You do the maths on that and you’ll realise that between you and me, we may unfortunately probably be a part of those scary statistics.

In fact, there’s a slew of common mistakes that so many well-intentioned parents unknowingly and innocently make. I was one of those parents – despite me thinking that I was so clued up about it.

car seat mistakes

And chances are, you could be too. Because, yes, you can actually balls up the installation and use very easily if you’re not aware of it. This reduces your child’s survival rate should you ever – heaven forbid – end up in a crash. But, now that I know better, I do better. So let’s not beat ourselves up. Instead let’s get to grips with these common mistakes, let’s get informed and take steps to rectify them.

And, no, don’t worry, I’m not going to slip on my judgey-judgetan pants (lest I want to judge myself). This campaign, and certainly this post of mine, is here to create awareness and help you keep your precious cargo safer on the road. So let’s do this!

There are quite a few mistakes that us parent folk make in the car seat realm, in fact there are plenty that can get extremely technical. But for now, let’s start with the basics, and gain mastery over those first, shall we? I’ve broken it down into the common mistakes that so many parents make (The Mistake), along with the rationale behind why it is a risk (The Risk), and the suggested solution for it (The Fix).

So you’ve got the car seat – well done, you’re already winning! But now, let’s look at the Common Mistakes we want to avoid doing:


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