3 Fun No Mess Crafts

Whether you have a cream canvas couch or spotless white walls, there’s always the risk that creative crafting activities get rather messy.

Luckily some crafts have basically no mess preparation and a minimal clean-up afterwards. Canvas Club share three super fun, but not-too-messy crafts that your little ones can create at home.

Squish Bags

These are super fun and can keep the kids mesmerised for ages.

Photo credit: Inner Child Fun

You will need:

  • A large, quality, heavy duty ziplock bag.
  • Baby oil
  • Water-soluble paint, washable paint or liquid watercolours
  • Glitter
  • Two colourful boards as big as the bag
  • Scissors
  • Duct or packaging tape

To make:

  1. Add about 30ml of baby oil to the bag.
  2. Now add around the same amount of paint – add two or three colours.
  3. Then add glitter.
  4. Carefully let as much air out of the bag as possible and seal the bag up very well.
  5. Use duct tape for extra insulation.
  6. Make a frame for the bag using the board, scissors and duct tape, so that the art is framed (and the bag even more secure.)

Your little ones can now move the paint around with their fingers, creating masterpieces without getting any paint on their hands – or anywhere else!

Tie Dye Shirt or Shoes

Why not get the kids to make their own “tie dye” shirts or shoes – no mess, no fuss?

Photo credit: Melissa Caughey

You will need:

  • White cotton t-shirts or white canvas shoes
  • Tape if you are using shoes
  • Colourful magic markers
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A squeeze bottle with rubbing alcohol in

To make:

  1. T-shirts: stretch the t-shirt over the sheet of cardboard. Shoes: tape the soles of the shoes to prevent the markers from bleeding onto the rubber.
  2. Get your kid to draw dots, lines, stars and whatever they like on the t-shirt using the markers.
  3. Squeeze some of the rubbing alcohol over the illustrations or dots – they will magically expand into bursts of colour.

And just like that, your child is a fashion designer!

Glove Monsters

If you or your kids have knitted gloves that are single or passed their sell-by-date, why not turn them into adorable glove monsters? This is a great creative craft and best of all – it’s mess free!

Photo credit: Craftaholics

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Needles and thread
  • Batting
  • Buttons, eyes, felt etc. for the features

To make:

  1. Turn the glove inside out.
  2. Sew a U-shape from the top of the thumb hole to the other side of the glove leaving a small (2 – 3 cm) hole at the top.
  3. Turn the glove right side out again and tuck the cuff inside.
  4. Stuff with batting – put more into the middle two “fingers” to make more elongated legs and less in the end two for shorter arms.
  5. Stitch the hole shut.
  6. Then the fun part – adding the face!

Your kids will love making and playing with these cute glove monsters.

Have a look at some more of our favourite crafts from Canvas Club.

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