3 Must-Haves for the Ultimate At-Home Cinema Experience

Ah, the feeling of sitting in a theatre watching the latest blockbuster with your besties, eating copious amounts of buttered popcorn and sipping on an ice-cold Coke. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

While local cinemas are set to reopen soon with safety measures in place, there’s no denying that going to the movies won’t be quite the same again. Plus, enjoying a cinema-like experience in the comfort and convenience of your home removes the risk factor involved in public outings.

Here are three great upgrades to make in your entertainment centre for next-level viewing pleasure.

A premium TV that delivers lifelike content

LG home Cinema

4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos are three buzzwords to keep in mind when you’re hunting for the perfect cinema-geared television. LG’s OLED C9 Series Perfect Cinema Screen 4K HDR Smart TV with ThinQ has everything you could want from a TV. Its immersive 65-inch screen offers sharp, photorealistic details, brilliantly vivid colours and intense blacks for an almost 3D-like viewing experience.

More so, built-in Dolby Atmos (created by the same company that develops the sound in many movie theatres) transforms your living room into a sound-effect powerhouse. It delivers full cinematic sound whether it’s music, explosions or the calls of nature. And as a smart, AI-powered device, it also understands natural language requests. It also learns from your behaviour, even recommending customised content based on your watching habits. With LG ThinQ AI, watching your favourite film is as easy as speaking up.

An elevated sound system

Beyond finding a set that comes with great sound, adding a separate soundbar or speaker system will boost your at-home cinema experience. Yes, buying external speakers will cost extra but it’s worth it in the long run if you’re serious about replicating that movie-house exhilaration. For a surround-sound feeling, look for speakers that support Dolby Atmos, especially if your TV has the same technology built-in.

4K content to match your 4K TV

home Cinema

Investing money into an advanced 4K HDR TV means very little if you don’t have an entertainment system that supports the technology. To reap the full benefits of 4K, you’ll also need a 4K-optimised Blu-ray player or streaming media player. Look for 4K-resolution Blu-rays, digital downloads and streaming content for the best possible picture quality. It’s important to note that 4K movies are large files. So a reliable and fast internet connection for 4K streaming is another factor to consider for your home cinema.

Happy viewing!

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