3 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home

A green-geared lifestyle that looks out for the environment is becoming increasingly appealing to individuals, families and businesses across the globe. Our decisions and actions and their impact on the planet we call home is something we’re thinking about a lot more than we used to.

As we spend most of our time in our homes, creating an eco-friendly house is one of the most obvious and impactful ways to go green. Here are some helpful tips for a more environmentally conscious household that contributes to a sustainable future.

Upgrade to Energy Star appliances


While replacing outdated appliances with energy-conserving models may be costly, you’ll end up saving a lot more in the long run. Geared for both cost and environmental savings, Energy-Star-certified models reduce energy use without sacrificing on performance.

Committed to developing innovative, energy-efficient and high performing products, LG offers its revolutionary Inverter Linear Compressor in many of its products. Both the LG InstaView fridge and ArtCool aircon make use of this smart adjusting technology. They have been proven to achieve significant energy savings when compared to appliances that use conventional compressors.

Switch to LED light

Lighting is another area of your home that can do with an energy rethink. Consider trading in your old incandescent light bulbs for more Eco-Friendly LED bulbs to lessen your home’s environmental impact.

Even something as small as your microwave’s light can make a difference. The LG NeoChef contains an interior white LED lamp that is three times brighter and more energy-efficient than the lights on traditional microwaves.

Change up water usage


You’ve heard the common preaches of switching off taps while washing dishes and brushing your teeth. However,  embracing cooler water is another way to save on energy. Adjust your geyser’s temperature to between 48 and 54 degrees Celsius. Avoid scorching-hot baths and showers. Opt for cold-water cycles when washing your clothing. These are just three effortless ways you can conserve more energy.

Speaking of laundry, why not invest in a washing machine that saves water and time? The LG TWINWash uses EcoHybrid technology to do both. You can choose from two dry modes. One that requires no water or the other that shortens the drying cycle and reduces overall energy consumption.

No matter how small these tactics may seem, green living starts with a conscious effort to make an environmental difference. The more you gear your home to be eco-friendly, the more you educate yourself and your children on conservation, the larger the sustainability benefits in the long run.

Other ways that LG appliances can make life easier.

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