4 Ways to keep your children busy during the holidays

For parents, especially those with busy work schedules, setting digital ground rules during school holidays is important because too much technology can be overwhelming – and we need to find the balance between protecting our children, while still allowing them to play and learn online.

4 Ways to keep your children busy during the holidays with Google | Conscious Parenting with HarassedMom

The good news for parents is that leveraging the tools provided by Google Families will help you manage it all, in much less time, and with less stress!  Family Link , a tool in the suite, ensures that your child is safe while using the internet, for example. The app allows you to set parental controls and age limits to filter the content your child sees, and can also be used to limit screen time- encouraging safe and healthy internet behaviour.

Here are 4 ways in which you can streamline and simplify your children’s holidays, while keeping them safe – and ensuring they’re learning and having fun!

  1. Get creative

If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body,  YouTube Kids has your back!  Look out for tutorials on child-friendly DIY art projects, spend time with them watching their favourite creative shows, or explore new ways together to spark their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, and full of family-friendly videos.

YouTube Kids, for those concerned about internet exposure, is a totally separate YouTube experience designed especially for children, that parents can control. The app utilises a variety of methods to ensure videos are family-friendly, so you can feel confident that they’re exploring in a safer environment.

If your child is keen on digitally creating an artwork, the emoji kitchen is a great place to start.

  1. Explore with your children – safely

In addition to the options to explore content on YouTube Kids, you can find exhibitions that cater to your children’s interests on Google Arts & Culture.

Is their favourite colour green? Then this guided tour through the use of green in artworks should appeal. Or take a 360 degree tour of famous buildings, items and art, and get them learning while you expose them to some of the great wonders of the art world.

  1. Play family games, together

What is a holiday without play time? Use Google Assistant to play a game of commands with siblings or friends, or play classic games like PAC-MAN on Google Doodle. You can also tap into Google Families by using a Family Group so that everyone can share in the entertainment – together.

  1. Learn and manage family activities

Teenagers might prefer something more challenging, like learning to code, making intricate digital art, or honing their story writing skills. All of these activities can be managed by creating (and inviting family members to join) a Family Group, with parents holding the reins in terms of their ability to control a host of interactions.

You can easily manage the entire family’s holiday activities through shared Google Calendars, accessing a shared Google Play Family Library of apps, TV shows, books and games, all while monitoring what they’re seeing when they surf the Net thanks to Family Link.

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