5 ideas for dealing with school holidays as a working mom

Welcome back to Mothering in Heels with Lindi! There are huge numbers of working moms out there, trying to find some kind of balance and joy in the small spaces between working and being a mom. I’m Lindi, and I am one of those moms. I work full time in a big corporate, travel for work, study, blog, and I am a mom to two small boys (2 years and 9 years). It can be tough! But it can be done. This month we are talking about school holidays.

Every year without fail at certain times of the year, schools big and small close. For most working moms, school holidays can be a nightmare. Especially if you are the primary caregiver and have little or no support system to fall back on.

Here are 5 ideas for dealing with school holidays as a working mom:

1. Plan in advance – get the school/preschool calendar at the beginning of the year or term. Make sure you know exactly when and how long the school holidays are. If possible, negotiate your leave times early in the year, so that when you need to take it in school holidays you can.

2. Make friends with other working moms. If you can find moms you like and trust, you can take turns with your leave days and looking after the kids. This means that the burden is not only on one parent and that you don’t have to use up all your leave at once.

3. Get together with a few parents or moms in a similar situation and hire a part-time nanny or child minder for the school holidays. If you leave all the kids together, it provides them with playmates, entertainment and a secure environment. Find out if any of the caregivers/ teachers at your child’s school or preschool might be looking for extra work over the holidays. The only drawback is choosing whose house will be trashed on which day, but that is mothering.

4. Send your kids to the grandparents or sisters. For most people, family is the best and safest form of child care. Because of the biological connection, they generally like your kids and can tolerate them for certain amounts of time. Use this and remember to return to the favor with their rowdy kids.

5. Negotiate with your boss about working from home or bringing the kids to the office. Ensure that your work is completed and that there are no issues, so that they will be willing to assist you next time.

School holidays might feel like the end of the world for parents who work. It doesn’t have to be; just try different configurations until you find something that works for you and your children.

How have you dealt with the times when there was no easy access to child care?? Please share your ideas so we can share with other moms!

Mothering in Heels can be really hard, but it can be done with a little bit of planning and gentleness with yourself.

If there is something about being a working mom you are struggling with or you want to know how Lindi has managed to achieve it, please drop us a mail on editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject “Mothering in Heels with Lindi”.

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Lindi Mogale

Lindi is a wife and mom of 2 amazing boys (TheHeir 9yo and TheSpare 2yo). During the day she heads up a team of kick-ass change management specialists, but at night she is the cook, nanny, chief whip of her family and blogger. She juggles travelling for work, a busy schedule, studying and mothering, while wearing beautiful shoes, because that is what one does, you know. Her passion lies is supporting other women, having copious amounts of fun and creating a platform for other mothers to explore their creativity through her blog A Well Heeled Woman and FB group African Mommy Bloggers.

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