5 ways being a mom makes you socially awkward

Before becoming a mom, you were relatively cool. You listened to the latest music, wore heels, drank wine… a lot of wine and had the most beautifully put together home. Yes, everything was pretty much free-flowing and easy.

Yet once becoming a mom, your “easy”, beautifully put together self and life tended to go out the window. Yes, you became that socially awkward person you once judged.

Here are 5 things that make moms socially awkward:

  1. You leave the house in the morning to run errands, with unbrushed hair, no make up and sweatpants, only to realize half way through the supermarket that you forgot to put your bra on this morning and your top still has the label on. Yes other shoppers are judging, giving you odd looks. However you have almost become oblivious to all of this since it’s becoming a reoccurring event.
  2. You cannot remember when last you had a girls night out or even a single drink. Soon that one drink turns you into a blithering drunk mess. The night is cut short…very short and your friends suggest you catch a ride home.
  3. Basic chores are achieved… these are proud moments that everyone needs to know about immediately. You managed a 5 minute shower uninterrupted and spoke to your mother-in-law on the phone for approximately 3 minutes before you become the jungle gym.
  4. You don’t notice that you are driving along on your own, windows down and jamming to nursery rhymes blaring out the car. You receive stares, many, many judging stares, but yet again you have become totally oblivious to them.
  5. Joining a new book club and contributing a Barney and Friends book apparently does not sit well with other members of the book club. But hey when do you get time to enjoy an adult book. The only time you read is when you read to your little one and that must surely count as reading. Why the giggling and horrified looks?

But don’t stress yourself out about this too much moms. This time in your life does eventually pass. So enjoy the oblivion of it all while you can (and have an excuse). Soon you will need to be “normal” again and you will be judging other new moms wishing you could have that crazy life back.

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