7 gifts for mom under R300

Celebrate the special lady in your life this Mother’s Day with amazing gifts that won’t break the bank! We have teamed up with awesome new one-stop-shop www.mothers-day.co.za to give one lucky mama a hamper full of spoils this May!

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7 gifts for mom under R300 

1. Warwick First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum, 2014: R189

Who better to buy wine from than the farm that boasts Female winemaking pioneer Norma Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe was the first woman to make wine in South Africa and the farm continutes to produce some of the world’s best wines.

2. Black Betty: The Mini Balled Hoops: R290

Black Betty founder and chief designer Kristin Weixelbaumer says that these are delicate enough to suit even the most understated style – but beautiful enough to show the mom in your life just how much you adore her.

3. Bath spoils from Vinolia:  R107
Vinolia launched their Velvet Orchid range recently. A gorgeous scent that perfectly captures the incredible beauty of the flower – the range offers a Foam Bath, wrapped Soap Bar and a gorgeous Hand wash. The items are individually priced at R21.95 for the soap bar, R41.95 for the hand wash and R42.95 for the 500ml foam bath.

4. Mepal Self-Watering Herb Pot: R219

Fresh ingredients growing in your own kitchen – what could be better? Mepal is new to South Africa –  a stylish new range of Dutch storage and serving products.

5. Humble & Mash Al Fresco Acrylic Tumblers (set of 4): R249

The Humble & Mash Al Fresco range is designed to help bring a touch of glamour to your casual dining, while being tough and durable enough for the whole family.

6. Check out the new one-stop-shop – www.mothers-day.co.za

This will assist you in getting your plans together for the 13th of May. The site offers giveaways each week as well as a massive prize draw on Mother’s Day itself. Hedge your bets and enter the giveaway – one entry means you’ll stand in line for the weekly prize and the big one at the end.

7. Wüsthof Champagne & Wine Sealer: R179

A conundrum for anyone that enjoys a good glass of bubbly – how do I keep it fresh!? The search is over.

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For the chance to win major prizes each week in the lead-up to Mother’s Day – visit www.mothers-day.co.za. In addition to the chance to win, the site will offer insightful detail on gifts, outings and meals for anyone planning the perfect Mother’s Day.



Please be sure to read our competition terms and conditions.

Good luck everybody!!

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  1. My mother deserve to win this hamper because she goes out of her way to be there for her loved ones. I am currently expecting and she has been supportive since day one. She gives love unconditionally and constantly pray and care for her family even if she is not well. My mother is the best and she is my inspiration. #MyMom

  2. My mom is my best friend, my rock…she is an amazing woman. I would luv to spoil her same way as she always spoils me!

  3. #MyMom

    Her soul reflects through the kindness, generosity & support that she gives to others. She’s a loving & happy person, and happy people deserve the world 🌸🌸🌸

  4. She is woman. She is mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister. She is person. She is strong,smart, bold. She is passionate, courageous, generous. She is action, devotion, emotion. She has hope, beauty, power. She gave me life. She gives me respect, gratitude, love. She believed in me. She will nurture me, fight for me. She deserves nothing less. I’m inspired by her warrior woman spirit, her pretty as a flower smile & her ability to turn darkness into light….shes my mum 💚💕💙💕💛💕

  5. my mom is late and i feel my best friend Florence Govender, deserves this prize, she is an awesome human and has been my pillar of strength when my mum passed. she is kind and generous towards others.

  6. My Mother my best friend, she worked hard as a seamstress to raise three daughters , despite financial difficulties, struggles and challenges she ensured I received an education , she taught me to cook, encourage me to learn to drive, taught me good values, to always be caring, forgiving , lend a helping hand and so much more. I am a strong , independent person and when I became a widow at a young age , my mum was my pillar of strength , motivating me to live on and continue with life’s journey with my daughter. Thanks to my mom I am a proud single mommy raising a daughter and providing for all our needs without having to depend on others I am who I am thanks to a mom who gave me the gift of life and continues to be beside me as I face each new day.

  7. Mums that are simply super – We have ninja-like reflexes. How many times have we saved a cup from spilling milk all over the table, dove to cradle our toddler’s head before it met the hard floor, prevented a scoop of ice cream from hitting the hot summer sidewalk and saved our kids Batman figurines from being flushed down the toilet by their baby brother? Too many to count, these are the some of the reasons, that makes us mums the “real”life heroes…:-) – This would make an awesome relaxing bonding time with mum , so we can swap and gigggle about our kids mischevious ways compared to us when we were kids and drove mum bonkers…#MyMom

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