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Barbara Magargal wrote ‘A Dreamer’s Wish’ to teach children the importance of respecting their parents.

a dreamers wishChildren’s book author Barbara Magargal recently published “A Dreamer’s Wish.” This cautionary tale follows Cody, a young man who ran away from home due to an argument that he had with his parents. A friendly bee offers to switch places with Cody, so he could explore the world. After some unexpected turns, Cody realizes how much he missed his family.

Magargal wrote “A Dreamer’s Wish” to remind children that their choices have consequences, noticing that kids do not have supervision as they used to, as well as an increase in children arguing with their parents. Magargal hopes to inspire children to connect back with traditional family values and respect their parents.

“As children venture out in the world, it is important for them to understand that people won’t always be there. However, their family will always be there for them,” said Magargal. “I believe that it is best to be with your family.”

Children can relate to Cody’s story as they may have found themselves frustrated with their parents in the past and felt like running away was the best option.  “A Dreamer’s Wish” highlights how loving parents will be there, no matter what.

“A Dreamer’s Wish” By Barbara Magargal

Available on Kindle as an Ebook. Or wait a few weeks and grab the softcopy from Exclusive Books.

About the author

Barbara Magargal is a landscape contractor who enjoys painting, writing poetry and writing books. Magargal, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, wrote “A Dreamer’s Wish” to remind children to cherish their roots at home. She currently resides in El Cajon, California.

“This book is dedicated to my grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was motivated because children can’t understand life at a young age, and are usually wanting to be or do something different than the life they live at home. Parents and children often have differences of opinion, and sometimes it take an adventure, a thought or even a dream to help a child realize that a moments disappointment will soon disappear and the feeling of a restless soul can often settle itself, given time. This book was created out of love for my family.”

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