Adding Easter Flavour to Your Event

Hosting an event or end-of-summer soirée over Easter presents all sorts of challenges when it comes to décor, snacks, treats and even party favours but that doesn’t mean that your event can’t be absolutely phenomenal and remembered for a long time to come.

Event Affairs provides some festive Easter ideas for your upcoming event:

Chocolate treats 
Chocolate fountains and fondues have had their time but this doesn’t mean that they have lost their touch. Add a chilli chocolate fountain to the mix surrounded by ripe strawberries, marshmallows and Easter themed cookies that can be dipped or swirled in the chocolate before being eaten.

Decorate with popular Easter items to add charm to your event. Include large rabbit statues or indoor pot plants, animated cushions or enchanting fabrics to any table decor and set up. Scatter a few glittered Easter eggs in and amongst these items for an extra delight.

Easter Hunt
Just because Easter hunts are generally for kiddies doesn’t mean you can’t add some festive adventure to your function too. Include something that is sophisticated, memorable and fun. Pieces or jewelry, a bottle or wine or a good book will be an absolute treat for your guests to hunt around for. Hide them under chairs, among table decorations or even in the bathroom to add extra flair to your affair.

Party favours 
No table is complete if there are no party favours. Events for adults differ from kids’ so you will need to include something that is festive, fun and elegant too. Personalised, colourfully painted Easter eggs for each guest is a great addition to the table and you can really get creative with the egg decor and painting.
You can present them enclosed in a nifty cardboard gift box sealed with a ribbon with each guests name on.

These are just a few ideas for adding Easter flavour to your event that will have your guests impressed and sharing the experience with friends. For more advice, information and unique ideas, we encourage you to get in touch with Event Affairs.

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