AfroDaddy Reviews Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal

We were lost. Not just lost… But lost in the outreaches of a huge city that we had only visited a few times before… Searching for the Bon Hotel Riviera. Sure, we had Google Maps working overtime, but even the calm voice seemed uncertain that we should be anywhere near where we found ourselves.

This was not the way we wanted to start our first family vacation to another city… We were hoping to end the day off with our two toddlers and ourselves properly settled in a our beautiful hotel room. Now I was starting to have some serious doubts we would ever find the hotel… But then, almost out of nowhere, it appeared, large and glorious. We found ourselves outside the Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal.

Bon Hotel Riviera FB content

First things first! We went up to our room to drop all our things, where we were greeted with this…

Bon Hotel Riviera room content

Travelling with toddlers isn’t exactly what I would call romantic… But it was a nice touch (and chocolate and bubbly is always welcome). But more importantly, this view from our room…

Bon Hotel Riviera view content

And then it was time for some exploration around the Bon Hotel Riviera grounds. It was the middle of winter, so we weren’t going to risk a dip in the big pool… But the play ground and giant chess board were definitely taken advantage of.

Bon Hotel Riviera pool content

Bon Hotel Riviera chess content

Bon Hotel Riviera ladybug content

And then, there is the Vaal River. It completely dominates the landscape as it gently approaches and then curves away from the hotel. Boats trips and water activities are available over the weekends.

Bon Hotel Riviera vaal content

Once the boys had their fill of the chilly outdoors, it was time to eat! I wish I could say it was a wonderful dinner, but, you know, toddlers. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Hey, at least the food and the service was good.

The next morning we were treated to the delicious buffet (bacon…so…much…bacon), while the boys played on the banks on the Vaal.

Bon Hotel Riviera momventures content

And then it was time to leave – but before we did the charming manager let the boys help him feed the Koi in the large front fountain.

Bon Hotel Riviera pond content

He suggested that we come back in the summer, and you know what? I think we might just do that…

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Terence Mentor

Terence Mentor is AfroDaddy! Husband of Julie and daddy to two ridiculously gorgeous little boys, 3 year old Liam and 1 year old Eli. Their family live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. By day, Terence is a presenter for Cape Talk, a personality for KFM and the go to social media jedi for Primedia. At night, he makes videos about all things dad-related on YouTube and on his Facebook page as AfroDaddy. He has recently added sharing his awesome views and reviews on all things parenting and #dadlife on his Tums 2 Tots Online column, AfroDaddy Reviews.

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