All new writing platform: Story Wars Kids

Story Wars AB released the all new site Story Wars Kids. This is a writing platform for developing kids’ creativity, language, and writing skills.

Story Wars Kids is about starting a story and then releasing it to the Story Wars Kids community. Here, other children and parents will see your story and want to help write the continuation. Anyone who wants can write a proposal for the next chapter and after that everyone can vote on what will be the next chapter. This is how it goes until the story is finished.

You and your child will always have something fun to read and it is exciting to see how your stories develop.

story wars

Story Wars Kids will be available for parents from all over the world and you can connect with all of them through our Parents Forum. With this platform, parents will take their kids on a writing journey that has never been done before. Stories will be written, duels will be fought and quests will be solved and during the process, the kids will grow their writing and language skills.

The platform is free to write on. The will be some premium content with a monthly subscription.

You can find the Story Wars Kids platform at

story wars

More about Story Wars

Story Wars is a platform where writers from all over with amazing ideas come to express their ideas. Different users can write a chapter to a story that they like and want to contribute to. The twist is that for your chapter to be in the official story, it has to be voted in. By going up against different authors, you have to try. Because of that, you slowly start to become better in both language and writing.

Story Wars AB includes the platforms, and

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