Annie’s Baking Club: A review

Remember Smartie cakes, caterpillars made out of dough and finger biscuit aeroplanes? Do you remember sitting on the kitchen counter creating masterpieces with chocolate sprinkles, hundreds & thousands, silver balls and twirly straws? Are these some of your sweetest childhood memories?

Tessa, of Tessa’s Bakery, is part of a close knit Greek family. Family comes first, and one of their biggest loves after family is of course food. As an extension of the family business, Tessa’s daughter-in-law created Annie’s Baking Club. The club was created for Desire’s daughter Anastasia. Annie seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps with a passion for baking. Born out of love for baking, sharing and bonding with family, Annie’s Baking Club is a way for other families to experience these special moments too.

Annie’s Baking Club is a monthly subscription. Each month you receive a fun and interactive themed box with step-by-step instructions and all the dry ingredients necessary to make delicious cupcakes, biscuits, tray bakes and more, Made like Mom’s!

annieBaking is a great way to keep everyone entertained and away from screens. Working side-by-side, talking through a recipe, mixing, baking and decorating are all opportunities to connect with our little ones. True quality time together doing something we enjoy whilst laughing, giggling and making a glorious mess.

Getting kids involved in baking helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There are even some early concepts of math and science, wrapped into a fun activity. It is also a wonderful art and gives children the platform to be as artistic as they wish with their masterpieces.

Our Experience

baking clubRecently, Mandy and I (Sharon), along with our kids, embarked on an Annie’s Baking Club experience.  Charly (age 5) tackled the Magical Mermaid Cupcake Kit (obviously). My Little Dude (age 10) tackled the OMG! Emoji Poop Cupcake Kit (obviously). The kids were so excited to open the themed boxes and had to examine every component.


These kits are beyond convenient. Dry ingredients are measured out and well labeled. They include all the necessary decorative goodies, including an icing nozzle and icing bags. The Poop Emoji kit comes with Sugar Paste Eyes & Mouths and themed cupcake wrappers. The Magical Mermaid kit comes with already coloured sugar paste and the cutest Mermaid Tail Cutter.  The kit also included “mermaid sprinkles” to finish off your gorgeous creation.

We’d suggest taking a peak at the instruction booklet before letting the kids do an “un-boxing”. We didn’t and had to send the husbands off to get some of the wet ingredients.

anniesThe instructions are very easy to follow and the pre-measured ingredients help the process. As stated, this isn’t something that the little ones are expected to do alone, so parents will get involved. Measuring the wet ingredients was a great opportunity to learn. Watching Charly crack eggs with extreme concentration was an absolute joy. Little Dude’s dedication to whisking the batter made me think that I should get him involved in the kitchen more often.

The results

The cupcakes came out of the oven looking totally perfect. Decorating however took a bit of a “nailed it” turn. The Mermaid cupcakes didn’t exactly look like the reference photo, but were gorgeous and personal. They tasted delicious. The poor Poop Emojis looked a bit melted. Honestly, this was totally my fault because I added too much liquid to the butter icing. Little Dude wasn’t very impressed at first. However he soon embraced the kookie emojis and went wild with the eye and mouth decorations. They weren’t much to look at but tasted like chocolaty heaven!


Would we do it again? Absolutely! I’m already drooling over some of the other kits. I think next time we should try out those Rawrsome Dinosaurs or the Magical Unicorns.

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