Apps the ultimate learning tools for kids

Whether it is the use of smartphones, tablets or just the instinct to touch screens, there is no question that smart devices technology is changing the way children are gathering information. Smart devices have changed the way children learn, leading to the undeniable revolution of technology. In response to the current digital world that we live in, earlier this year Nestle NIDO 3+ launched the STIMULEARN App.

Designed by child development experts at the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland and endorsed by Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), STIMULEARN is an innovative digital learning App intended to stimulate pre-school children through interactive games.

Education expert Gavin Keller comments, “Rather than handwriting exercises and learning from flashcards like their parents did, the new digital age children now have access to technology to help them learn at a much faster rate. Children find tablets fascinating and can generally make their way around a tablet better than an adult can. The STIMULEARN App is a great alternative learning tool that offers key foundational teachings for a child.”

With the data gathered from the extensive research carried out by Nestlé, STIMULEARN App provides the best learning and entertainment applications with cognitive stimulation and the best parental controls. The App aimed at children aged between three and five, focuses on key development areas such as language, psychomotor, problem solving, attention/concentration and memory. The App is broken up into a series on fun and interactive games including:

•             Pearl Beach – designed to aid/improve psychomotor skills

•             Island Market – designed to aid/improve language, memory and attention

•             Story House – designed to aid/improve language and attention skills

•             Forgotten Castle – designed to aid/improve memory

•             Mr Skylab – designed to aid/improve problem solving skills

“Although some parents might cringe at the thought of teaching their kids with an iPad rather than the good old-fashioned paper and pencil, the iPad does offer several advantages. With the right content and if managed appropriately a tablet can be the ultimate learning tool” concludes Keller.

See the website or download the App on iOS or iStore.

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