Karen Jackson

I did my honours in child psychology at Tuks, this broke my heart to the extent that I chose to not continue along this path. I currently work at an IT company as soft skills facilitator and psychometrist. I would describe myself as a vegetarian blogger who dream about writing all day long. After work I herd cats in the happy zoo we call home while I continue to learn about this parenting journey.

co sleeping

How to get your bed back

Hi, pleased to meet you. I am the sleep fairy. I get up at 4am daily to fulfil this role and yes, I can fly in the ra…

travelling mom

Diary of a traveling Mom

Wake up at 5 as per usual and be grateful that it is not 4:30 as some mornings. Go through all the usual motions of p…

Leaving your children with your parents

Eyeball your child

Eyeball your child until you can see what is really important. Stalk them if you must… So Kev and I are planning a tr…

introverted prarents

The Introverted Parents

There are so many ways to start this post; without me-time I turn into a monster, it’s harder for introverted parents…

What moms miss the most

Help! I’m never alone!

Perhaps I should start this article with a disclaimer; I love my children dearly. I do sometimes think about eating t…