Baby Sense Principles for Happy Days and Peaceful Nights!

For nine months your baby is nurtured in the ideal world of the womb. From this calm environment your baby emerges into a busy sensory world.  The transition to the harsh world can to be made smoother by you.

Your baby’s brain acts like a sponge absorbing all the new sensory information of the world outside the womb. In the early days your baby is very susceptible to overstimulation, which can result in fussing and an unsettled baby who won’t sleep. By keeping your baby’s world calm and mimicking the world of the womb your baby will be calmer and the transition from womb to world will be a smooth one.

There are seven easy tips to promote a smooth and calm transition into the world for your newborn.

Sensory environment – Develop ‘sensory eyes’ to read what may be causing your baby 
to be overstimulated, such as a loud and busy room or the smell of strong perfume. Remove your baby from the stimulus or change to a more calming environment.

Self calming – Give your baby the space to
develop his/her own self calming tools, such as sucking her hands or clasping them together.

Swaddling – Tightly wrapping your baby in a stretchy blanket has been proven to calm
young babies significantly and help them sleep well.

Soothing touch – Baby massage is a fantastic tool for calming a baby and has all
day benefits as well as helping your baby to sleep well at night.

Sling or pouch – Movement is lulling for your baby.  By mimicking the womb environment, it
soothes babies very effectively.

Sounds for calming – White noise (e.g. the sounds of waves or radio static) absorbs other sounds and is very calming for your baby. Lullabies and nature music help with calming and sleep.

Stick to one strategy for 5 minutes – The last thing an overstimulated baby needs
is a lot of quick changes.  Each intervention you use is a stimulus for a short time, until your baby gets used to it. So try any of the above strategies for at least 5 minutes before trying the next.

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