Baobab: a Pure Beginnings hero ingredient

At Pure Beginnings the ingredients in their products are the superheroes of their stories.

baobabOne of these superheroes is Baobab – which features in many of Pure Beginnings’ best-selling products like their baby bum cream, baby wash and shampoo and body lotion.

The baobab tree is an iconic symbol on the African landscape and its beauty and benefits are far-reaching. Apart from providing shelter to bushmen, the baobab is a source of nutrients and water for humans and animals alike. Baboons and warthogs eat the seed pods and colonies of African honey-bees nest in the upper reaches of the tree. Weavers build their nests in the huge branches. While barn owls, mottled spinetails and ground hornbills roost in the many hollows. The creased trunks and hollowed interiors also provide homes to countless reptiles, insects and bats. One could say that the baobab creates its own kind of Ubuntu on the African plains.

A Powerhouse of nutrition

African people have treasured the baobab tree and its fruit for thousands of years – calling it the Tree of Life – and rightfully so.

The baobab fruit extract has excellent health benefits, In fact, it is known to have as many antioxidants as goji berries, more calcium than milk, more iron than red meat, more potassium than a banana and more magnesium than spinach. It’s no wonder that it’s now recognised as a superfruit. This superfruit is a popular ingredient in cereals, smoothies, chocolate, cosmetics and many other products.


Applied topically to the skin baobab fruit extract is a potent antioxidant. This helps the skin fight external aggressors and remain healthy. It is also exceptionally moisturising and soothing. A characterist which makes it perfect for babies, as well as children and adults with sensitive skin. Baobab is also a prebiotic and serves as a food source for the beneficial bacteria that populate the skin and help maintain a healthy skin microbiome.

It is no surprise, then, that baobab is a key ingredient in Pure Beginnings’ health-inducing and healing baby skincare products.

Where Pure Beginnings’ Baobab comes from

The baobab fruit extract used in Pure Beginnings products is sourced ethically, fairly and sustainably through a rural community. This fair-trade community is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people and to the conservation of baobab trees. When purchasing their products which contain baobab, not only are you doing best for your own child, but you’re supporting a community in need and making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Did you know?

There are nine species of Baobab, two of which are native to Africa. These beautiful giants can grow to be one thousand years old!

Next time you find yourself in the wild, take a moment to admire the beauty and brilliance of the the Tree of Life.

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