Beach Clean for Madiba Day

Madiba Day, a time when everyone bonds together to do good for 67 minutes to honor and celebrate a man who  did so much great for the country.

Tums 2 Tots Online, Teens Online and Fitness Shack joined forces on Saturday to clean the beach for 67 minutes. An early start as the sun began to rise, we managed to pull ourselves away from the warmth of our beds and layered up to protect against the cold of yet another chilly winter morning.

It is vital that the beaches remain in pristine condition for a couple of reasons. One, it is litter from humans that is thrown down with disregard and washed out by the tide that kills an abundance of sea life. Animals see unfamiliar objects in the water and often end up choking on small items or getting caught in rope and wire. Secondly, we noticed a substantial amount of broken glass on the beach. This is a danger for people visiting the beach to enjoy a day out in the sun, or walk their dogs.

Make everyday a Madiba Day and start with the little thing; if you see rubbish pick it up.  If you go to the beach take a plastic bag with you and pick up litter around you for 10 minutes when you arrive. It is never too late to start caring for each other and the world around us.

We salute you Madiba, Happy Birthday, and may your legacy you left behind remain forever!

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