Five benefits of running with baby

They say the jump from 1 child to 2 is HUGE. And (at first) I was totally in denial about this, but WOW do I get it now. It’s not that 2 kids is more difficult… It’s more that the few moments of freedom that you could still sneak in with 1 child, are non-existent with 2. When 1 sleeps, the other is awake. When 1 cries, the other often cries too. It’s non-stop. I love my running, but fitting it in with 2 kids is nearly impossible.

But note here how I said ‘nearly’… Thank goodness for running prams! This phenomenal invention allows for busy moms to get in a workout with their little running partner in tow.

Running with Noah
                         Caitlyn de Beer with her little running partner Noah in the TFK joggster
5 Benefits of running with baby
  1. You get a break

Let’s be honest, mommying is an all consuming, hugely fulfilling but exhausting job. One of the benefits of running with your baby, is that you get a break from actively mommying… even if it is just for 30 minutes.

  1. Baby gets a joy ride

If your baby can see out of the running-pram, they are likely to love their mini adventure. Babies tend to do one of two things on runs… Either they find huge pleasure in looking around as you jog along. Or they allow the gentle rocking of the pram to literally ‘rock them to sleep’. Win-win!!

  1. Your form may improve

Running with a pram has been known to improve ones’ running form. The fact that the pram is in front of you helps to prevent over-striding (especially downhill) and it keeps you in an upright position, thus preventing you from slouching.

  1. You get in a harder workout

There’s no denying that pushing a pram whilst running, is hard work. The added weight of the pram makes for a harder workout and hey, who knew that it could give you an arm workout too?!

  1. Extra storage

Pre-baby you’re likely to have headed off for a run with very little, BUT now you have the added opportunity to bring a few things along. My standard running additions are: a waterbottle, my house keys, my phone (gotta get a good running selfie), an extra nappy and some wetwipes.

The pram I run with is the TFK Joggster (which can be purchased through SproutAbility). What I love about this sturdy pram is that it comes with a whole travel system, which is super rare in terms of running prams. The Recaro Priva car seat clips into the pram’s base. It is so convenient, especially when baby is young. They often fall asleep in the car and this allows you to easily transfer them.

cait+running 2

BUT my favourite part of the travel system has to be the carrycot. Unlike other carrycots that I know of, this one can be adjusted into an upright position too. My son, Noah, is nearly 6 months old now, and where with any other carrycot, I would have moved him out of it by now, with this one, I have merely secured it in an upright position and he LOVES it. He isn’t quite ready for the standard toddler seat yet and thus this carrycot is so ideal. It supports his legs so that he can’t slip out but he can still see what is going on around him. It’s safe to say that he’s obsessed..and so am I!

*Caitlyn is a proud brand ambassador for #CarseatFullstop and #Sproutability.


Caitlyn De Beer

Caitlyn is a mom of 2, a life coach, motivational speaker and co-owner of Flourishing Fit Moms {providing everyday mums with home workout programmes for both pregnancy and general mommy-hood}. Caitlyn prides herself in being a real mom, who hopes to support other real moms, in their quest to a healthy lifestyle, free of obsession.

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