Are you our Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs winner??

It has been a long and happy journey for us searching for our awesome Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs winner! We have loved the excitement and enthusiasm of our readers and the joy of our themed cake winners along the way.

For those joining us for the first time, our party column, Let’s Party with Cindy teamed up with one of our Directory Listings, Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs. They created 3 themed party ideas, gave away vouchers for 3 two-tier themed cakes, and now… Now they are making one of our readers a Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs winner with an entire themed party. The party includes a cake, decor, party food, party packs, and a jumping castle for 15 children!

win themed party choices feature image Flambé Southern Suburbs Winner

Berry & Flambé has been a household name in high class party planning in Cape Town for many years. When the owner opened up the idea of franchises, talented women from all over South Africa quickly jumped on board. One of these very talented women is Mellissa Proctor who opened Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs in July 2016. Mellissa worked with children for many years and developed a passion for thinking up and crafting together the perfect birthday parties for the children she worked with.

When she saw that Berry & Flambé were offering franchises, she didn’t hesitate. Their customised, handmade, clean, bright, high quality decor and cleverly paired snacks, sweets and party packs suited her perfectly. Mellissa took Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs and fast grew a reputation for creative classy event planning carried out to perfection.

Flambé Southern Suburbs Winner

Our Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs Winner has chosen our Let’s Party with Rainbows and Unicorns theme. We had the most fun putting this article together, it was a real team effort with Cindy, editor Mandy and Mellissa brainstorming ideas. We love the many possibilities this theme offers. And how it can be styled to your child’s age and tastes. See below another Unicorn themed party Mellissa put together recently.

Berry & Flambe Southern Suburbs winner in content

But according to our Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs winner, her 9 year old daughter saw this image over her shoulder and decided immediately that this was the ONLY possible theme for her 10th burthday party in November!

unicorn cake

We are so excited to make your little girl’s dream come true!

Congratulations to Tami Magnin and her daughter, Zoe!

Mellissa will be in touch soon so you can get planning your perfect party! We cannot WAIT to see the end result. And we hope you will share the story of this special day with our readers.

We hope you have enjoyed this competition and that you have fallen as in love with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs as we have! If you book a party with them, be sure to share your photos with us!

Contact Mellissa on or on 072 084 2231 to book your Southern Suburbs party now! If you live elsewhere in South Africa, pop over to the Berry & Flambé website to find them in your area.

To see the parties we designed with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs, follow the links below:

Let’s Party with Rainbows & Unicorns

Let’s Party with Alice in Wonderland

And last but not least, Let’s go camping!



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