A big hug for granny this Mother’s Day

If ever you were looking for the perfect time to get crafty, Mother’s Day is it! And we at Crafting Corner with Ella have been very focused on getting our little humans crafting for the perfect gift for thei special granny or grannies this year.

My little one, Aidan, is pretty lucky that he lives next door to his one granny and a drive away from the other. This is not the case with many grandparents and today’s Mother’s Day craft was made with this in mind…

We made a “Big Hug heat bag”! The bag is microwavable and is perfect for aches and pains or just warming cold feet in winter.

What makes it special is that it is made to be the length of your child’s arms with hand prints on each side (for hug effect). This way your little one can give grandma a big hug from far away.

Mother’s Day Big Hug for Granny Bag


Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 1
Material of your choice
Essential oil of your choice (I used citronella)
Fabric paint
Sewing implements

Add essential oil of your choice to rice and set aside to dry

Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 2
Measure your child’s arms from one hand to the other

Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 3
Cut material to size… remembering to leave extra material for sewing Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 4
Have child do a hand print using material paint – one hand on each side

Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 5
I added the phrase “love you Ma” (Aidan’s name for his grandmother) using Sharpie fabric markers Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 6
Let dry
Turn inside out and sew down the side and at the bottom
Turn it right side out again Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 7
Fill with rice
Sew it up


Mother's Day Big Hug for granny 8


I would love your feedback, thoughts and comments on this Mother’s Day craft. What kind of crafts do you do with your kids around Mother’s Day? I would LOVE to hear all about it!

Did anybody make the cute Easter Bags with their kids? Share a photo on our Facebook page if you did!!

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Is there some DIY craft you would like to see me try? Drop us a mail at editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject “Crafting Corner with Ella”.

*Eleanor “Ella” Douglas is the creator and owner of Oh!Boy Kids Accessories.

Ella Douglas-Meyers

Ella is a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Ella is a journalist by trade, works in layout and design Monday to Wednesday, and then freelance writes, blogs at Just Ella Bella, and designs and handmakes bespoke kids accessories and toys for her business Oh!Boy Kids the rest of the week.


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