Book launch: Fox and the Deep Sea Quest

When the enthusiastic botanist Fox hears about a mysterious, glowing underwater plant, he is captivated by his thirst for discovery: curious, he embarks on a mission in the deep sea.

Together with his cousin Wolf, he plans the adventurous venture, gets the right equipment and prepares for the dive. With flippers, a filled oxygen bottle and an underwater camera in his luggage, Fox dares to jump into the cool water. But his expedition is different to what he thought: on the way he encounters giant algae and a coral city, rescues a sperm whale caught in a fishing net and discovers the beauty of the deep sea. But can he also find the goal of his mission – the mysterious mica anemone?

With reduced illustrations in powerful colors, the French artist Benjamin Flouw brings the calm and beauty of underwater landscapes to life.


By Benjamin Flouw, Fox and the Deep Sea Quest, Little Gestalten 2020

About the artist

Benjamin Flouw is an artist based in Marseille. His influences run from mid-century illustrators to 90’s low-poly video games. He has worked with film animation, advertising, and publishing with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Cartoon Network, Martha Stewart Living and Bayard Presse.

“After creating the first book I published at gestalten, The Mystery of the Golden Wonderflower, and sending Fox to explore the heights of our world, it seemed pretty natural to me that he should try to see what’s beneath the sea.

Once again, I wanted to show on one side the beauty of the underwater world, with colourful spreads full of life and on the other side a few practical things: diving equipment, coral species…

Whereas The Mystery of the Golden Wonderflower could have taken place in the European Alps or Northern American mountains, this new book explores a whole set of delicate ecosystems that we can find over the world.

I needed to show how wonderful those places are to make obvious to the reader that they need to be preserved. There is also a strong message calling us to take action and undo what others might have done. About 100.000 marine mammals are killed every year just because of plastic pollution and this really has to stop, we now have the tools and resources to put an end to plastic pollution and should take action, starting by cleaning the sea. Being now based in Marseille I’m witnessing that everyday and that made me aware of the emergency of that particular situation.”

Fox and the Deep Sea Quest is a book full of surprises! Just like Fox, find the mica anemone, hold it into a bright source of light, and it will glow in the dark!

By Benjamin Flouw, Fox and the Deep Sea Quest, Little Gestalten 2020

Fox and the Deep Sea Quest
By: Benjamin Flouw

Category: Picture Book
Recommended for: Ages 5 and up
Translation: David Henry Wilson
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 52 pages
Format: 24 x 24 cm, 9 x 9 inches
Price: R 420.00
ISBN: 978-3-89955-849-4
Global Publication Date: August 18, 2020

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