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Today is a real celebration for us at Book Love with Cassey & Keiden. For book lovers like ourselves, World Book Day makes our hearts so very happy. And what better book to share on World Book day than one called Books Always Everywhere. 

Books Always Everywhere

Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini, speaks to the amazing joy that books are, and all that they bring to us. The text is very simple, so it isn’t something I see easily appealing to any little beyond the age of 2 or so – unless of course you get this when they’re pre 1. It is a book that could become a treasure trove for your little, provided of course it is brought into their sphere early.

The illustrations are what make Books Always Everywhere shine – although that tends to be the case with most picture books 😉 Because the pages of the book are larger than A4, when you see the “Book big” page, it can really have a big book and a just turned toddler next to it. The sizes of the pages, shine yet again when you encounter the pages with stacks of books with the toddlers playing with them and using them for all kinds of items.


Sadly, as Keiden got this book as part of his second birthday present, it wasn’t in his life in time to become a treasure. He isn’t nearly as enamoured with it as I am. This book would make the perfect baby shower gift for someone special and the perfect book to start reading to your little from day one. You can get it for an incredibly good price online through Reader’s Warehouse.

On the Keiden reread scale Books Always Everywhere gets a 1/5, he didn’t want to reread it at all. And it is one of the few books he doesn’t look through on his own. There is an audio option for the book with an app, we didn’t try it out though, because Keiden just wasn’t interested in the book enough. On the parent reread scale it gets a 3/5, largely due to the illustrations.


Have you read or tried the audio option for Books Always Everywhere? Are audiobooks something you do, or plan to do, with your little?

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Cassey Toi

Cassey is a Work at Home Mom to the adorable Keiden (2 on 30 Jan). She started reading to him from the time he was born, popping him into his wrap and walking up and down reading whatever she was reading out loud. So now, he loves books… just like his mama. Cassey works for a company that provides tools to law firms and legal librarians. She has a BA(law) and is currently studying for her Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods. Cassey blogs over at Bits and Pieces Mark2 and is our columnist for "Book Love with Cassey & Keiden", reviewing kids books.

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