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Welcome to “Book Love with Cassey and Keiden”! I’m Cassey, and Keiden is my very-almost 2 year old son. We are a family of readers; we have book subscriptions, library cards and any gift-giving occassion comes with at least one book.

Every two weeks, I will be sharing our favourite children’s books with you, along with giving you an out-of-five rating on how much Keiden loves rereading the book, and how much I love rereading it. This week we are looking at The Things I Love About School  by Trace Moroney.

The Things I Love About School is one of a series of 8 “The things I love about…” books; alongside The Things I Love about Playtime; The Things I Love about Pets; The Things I Love about Me; The Things I Love about Grandparents; The Things I Love about Bedtime; The Things I Love about Family; and The Things I Love about Friends.

This is one of the books we read in preparation for Keiden going to school. It was an excellent gift from one of his cousins; well, my sister in law picked it out. This story is all about the bunny excitedly sharing all he / she loves about school.

BLCK The Things I love

Bunny’s gender isn’t clearly apparent, as bunny wears an orange top with jeans, making it very easy for your child to see him / herself as bunny; learning all sorts of new things and having a good time. The illustrations are lively and fun, with lots of little details for your little one to pick out.

Keiden loves this book. It’s one of his two go-to choices for bedtime reading. And each time, it’s a minimum of three reads.

Clearly Keiden gives it a 5/5 on the rereading scale, I give it a 5/5 too. It’s something we believe has helped him ease into school a smidge better.


Do you have any favourite books that helped your little one understand and prepare for school?

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Cassey Toi

Cassey is a Work at Home Mom to the adorable Keiden (2 on 30 Jan). She started reading to him from the time he was born, popping him into his wrap and walking up and down reading whatever she was reading out loud. So now, he loves books… just like his mama. Cassey works for a company that provides tools to law firms and legal librarians. She has a BA(law) and is currently studying for her Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods. Cassey blogs over at Bits and Pieces Mark2 and is our columnist for "Book Love with Cassey & Keiden", reviewing kids books.

  1. What a fantastic idea for a segment.I really love it 😉 My daughter is a bit old for this book but I am looking forward to when I come across one that is a bit more on her level . However, this can be an excellent gift,where can it be purchased?

  2. YAY! I love this new article series – will definitely look for these books, they sound lovely and I’m sure it’s never too early to try to impart the joy of bedtime on my little one. Any ideas of recommended age range for this series? Not that it matters as I’m reading The Odyssey to my little one, but nice to know the recommended ages for new books.
    So glad the joy of reading is going to be a regular thing on this site – excited to discover all kinds of books I might not have found otherwise!

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