Boomerang Highlights: May 2020

Bust the Winter Lockdown Blues with a great line-up from Boomerang this May.

Kingdom Force

“Kingdom Force: unite!”
A hero’s work is never done, and the 24/7 Kingdom Force search and rescue team are dedicated to serving and protecting their fellow animals.

The team of five, diverse heroes and their all-terrain vehicles, serve and protect the citizens of their different kingdoms. At the same time, their massive, mobile HQ regularly patrols in search of action and adventure. When the danger gets too hot to handle, the team shouts their rallying cry of “Kingdom Force: unite!” and the vehicles fluidly transform into a massive, state-of-the-art rescue robot, combining all the strengths of the five animal heroes of Kingdom Force. Through teamwork, cooperation, and embracing diversity, there is no challenge the Kingdom Force team can’t handle!

Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 15:10 CAT

Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz

Lost and found!
This May, travel back to the wonderful and magical land of Oz with the final season of the animated comedy fantasy series. The season kicks off with a 4-part episode that follows Dorothy as she tackles her royal duties. Find out what happens when Dorothy confides in Ozma about the ruby slippers acting up – does the return of the Wicked Witch of the West have anything to do with this? Watch as Dorothy enters the mysterious, dark realm of the Wicked Witch’s castle, with Toto of course, to recover the ruby slippers and
restore Oz to its peaceful state.

Tune-in: Saturday 16/05/2020 @ 17:20 CAT

Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost

The past comes knocking!
Never seen before on Boomerang Africa, this 72-minute-long movie brings lots of mystery to your screen. Tune in to see what sticky situation Scooby gets involved in this time around! When Vincent Van Ghoul contacts Scooby and his gang about an unfinished investigation from Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby’s past, they spring into action to finish the job. The group, however, realises that the 13th ghost, the evilist of them all, outwitted and slipped past them eons ago. It’s now or never! Tune in to Boomerang to find out if the gang will be able to catch this final ghost?

Tune-in: Saturday 23/05/2020 @ 10.10 CAT

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