Boost immunity against coronavirus says expert

Those with a compromised immune system, men, and the elderly are at greatest risk of contracting the coronavirus according to latest data. These stats highlight the urgency to take action to boost immunity.

Health expert Vanessa Ascencao has urged the public to take care of their health; particularly their immunity, following reports of further confirmed cases of the virus affecting South Africans.

According to reports, immune response impacts directly on infection. “The virus matters, but the host response matters at least as much, and probably more,” says Stanley Perlman, a virologist and paediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of Iowa.

Data from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that “the people most likely to develop severe forms of the virus are men, those with pre-existing illnesses and the elderly.”

Latest global figures show:

  • around 111 000 confirmed cases of coronavirus (named COVID-19)
  • about 3 900 deaths
  • over 62 000 recovered patients

Ascencao has urged the public to consider the following to help boost immunity:

Vitamin D has become essential for immunity and a UK analysis has found that it helps reduce the risk of infection. BetterYou DLux vitamin D oral spray is rapidly absorbed by the mouth’s blood vessels and has proven to be far more effective than pills.


Vitamin C’s role in supporting immunity, helping with recovery from illness, and generally contributing to improved health is well documented. Biomax Liposomal Vitamin C uses liposomal technology which entraps vitamin C molecules, delivering more vitamin C into the blood stream.

Bio-Curcumin is backed by 40 clinical studies validating its unique health benefits, including countering inflammation. A study shows that high doses of curcumin helped cellular defence against an earlier strain of the coronavirus which also affected the respiratory system.


An extract of the cultured shiitake mushroom mycelia, AHCC, has been shown to activate cellular immune function and help defend against bacterial and viral infectious diseases. It’s efficacy had been supported by more than 30 human clinical studies and over 120 research papers.

Follow a nutrient dense diet, including immune boosting citrus fruits, don’t smoke as studies show smokers are more vulnerable to the virus, exercise regularly and get eight hours sleep a night.

Wash your hands frequently. Avoid close contact with the sick. Educate yourself by consulting credible sources of information about the virus.

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