Breast Cancer Awareness: Bras, bravery & the real heroes

With a breast cancer diagnosis happening every 20 seconds it has become even more crucial to raise awareness of breast cancer every day and not just for the month of October.

Do you know that breast cancer affects 1 in every 28 South African women? While this statistic may be alarming, it’s important to note that early detection was the main objective of the #GiveYourBraForBreastCancer campaign. The campaign was launched in a bid to raise funds for Reach for Recovery and raise awareness of breast cancer.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2019, Roche partnered with breast cancer support programme, Reach for Recovery. Together they created a collection drive that not only educated and informed women about breast cancer, but also collected pre-loved bras for a greater cause. The success of the first phase of the #GiveYourBraForBreastCancer campaign saw Roche donate R100 000 to Reach for Recovery.


While the collection drive of bras ended in November 2019 the campaign is continuing into 2020. This year, Roche partnered with Rachel Kolisi who joined the cause to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

The survivors and their pre-loved bras


Thousands of women got involved and dropped their pre-loved bras in collection boxes at healthcare providers and hospitals. A staggering 5 000 bras were collected and will be used to empower the lives of thousands of women fighting breast cancer.

Breast prostheses to help women heal

Roche donated R10 for every bra collected to Reach for Recovery. These funds will go to supplying breast prostheses to the many women that have undergone a mastectomy but cannot afford to make this purchase.

Breast prostheses assist women in looking and feeling better, but also prevent the following after a mastectomy procedure

  • spinal curvature as a result of imbalance
  • muscle contracture in the neck
  • back pains due to an imbalance

Self-exams for everyone through education

The campaign educated thousands of women around South Africa on how to conduct a breast self-exam. They also learnt about early diagnosis and treatment options. By doing a breast self-exam #Every30Days, the chances of early diagnosis and effective treatment is increasing the number of breast cancer survivors.

For more information on how to do a breast self-exam, visit here.

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