Cadbury Christmas range to bring everybody joy

Cadbury is the taste I associate with family and holidays… Of Easter spoils or getting my very own Top Deck slab for Christmas from my aunt… and trying to separate the top from the bottom before it melts onto my fingers. When I found out about the Cadbury Christmas range, I was instantly little all over again… And full of the magic of the holidays. Cadbury Christmas Range

The Cadbury Christmas range includes the return of firm festive favourites; the Whispers Snowballs and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Festive Whisper slab. I have no idea how I didn’t know about these!! After all, I am a Cadbury Whispers fanatic.

If anybody isn’t familiar with Whispers, your life is about to get exponentially better! A Cadbury Whisper is a small milk chocolate covered meltingly honeycomb centred ball. No matter how bad things may seem, these little bubbles of happiness will make your day a better one! The Cadbury Christmas Snowballs are Whispers, only in Cadbury Dream white chocolate.

Cadbury Christmas Range Whispers

The magical chocolate fairies from Cadbury pour hundreds of honeycomb balls into their beautiful dairy milk chocolate in order to create the Cadbury Dairy Milk Festive Whisper slab. My plan to have one block of the Whisper slab a day lasted two days, before vanishing mysteriously.

The newest additions to the Cadbury Christmas range are adorable Christmas baubles! There are four different characters to collect, each with their own treat size chocolates inside! Santa has Cadbury Dairy Milk, while the Reindeer holds Cadbury Flake… You’ll find Cadbury Top Deck in the Polar Bear and finally, Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly in the Snowman.

Cadbury Christmas Range Featured

The Cadbury Christmas range is perfect for all things season! Gorgeous gifts for your chocolate-loving relative or an ideal stocking stuffer for kids… Depending on how strong your tree is, the baubles are just adorable and can be a lovely surprise for guests. A smattering of snowballs will make lovely edible table decor.

Cadbury Christmas Range Bauble

I will personally be replacing the wasted expense of Christmas Crackers with an indivually chosen Cadbury Christmas Bauble! Everyone in my family has their favourite Cadbury chocolate and will get that Bauble at their table setting!

Which Cadbury Christmas Bauble would you choose?

You can win one of the Cadbury Christmas hampers over on Maz’s blog, so run there now!!
Keep a close eye out for our Christmas lists and chances to win in November!
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