Cartoon Network Highlights: June 2020

Cartoon Network has your weekday afternoons sorted! Check out these highlights for June 2020. Also look out for the Power Rangers Beast Morphers marathon on Youth Day.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart


Learning to become a legend!

Cartoon Network’s original animated series, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, is back with more intriguing twists and turns this June. In season 2, Samurai cat and sheriff Mao Mao — described as both an ‘explosive loner’ and a ‘famous hero’ — continues working with his sidekicks, Badgerclops and Adorabat, to bring justice and peace to the people of Pure Heart Valley from monsters, villains, Sky Pirates and all kinds of bad stuff!
After five years in the making, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart premiered on Cartoon Network Africa in January 2020. Kids couldn’t get enough of the Parker Simmons series following Mao Mao’s quest to become a legend and Adorabat’s journey to becoming a hero. Make sure to catch season 2 of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart where you can be sure of an action-packed and LEGENDARY time!

Tune-in: Monday – Friday @ 15:55 CAT (Premiere Monday 15/06/2020 @ 08:40 CAT)

Dragon Ball Super


The Tournament of Power has begun!

Cartoon Network is bringing you The Tournament of Power. Catch the warriors from all corners of the universe as they gather to fight for their lives – and the lives of everyone in their worlds! Twelve teams, including the core Dragon Ball Universe – designated as Universe 7 – are thrown into a massive battle-ring, with eliminations determined by fighters being knocked off the floating terrain. Every battle is an impressively coordinated display of power, and Universe 7’s team has to be as smart as they are strong to survive and avoid being erased from existence.

Tune-in: Monday – Friday @ 16:45 CAT (from Monday 01/06/2020)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers


End of the road!

The Power Rangers Beast Morphers team is back in a special Youth Day marathon this June! Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called ‘Morph-X’ with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Can they stop the ruthless computer virus and its minions from stealing the unlimited clean energy source that created them?
Tune-in: Tuesday 16/06/2020 @ 20:30 CAT

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