Cartoon Network Highlights: May 2020

Bust the Winter Lockdown Blues with a great line-up from Cartoon Network this May.

ThunderCats Roar

Rebuilding an empire!
The iconic ThunderCats return in an all-new WarnerBros animated series specially created for Cartoon Network. The series is filled with fresh designs and all-new adventures on a distant planet known as Third Earth.

After the destruction of the peace-loving planet Thundera, six noble warriors and their young leader, Lion O, crash land on a mysterious and exotic planet. If they stick together, like the feline family they are, the ThunderCats might just have a chance at rebuilding the precious empire they lost.

Bursting with overthe-top action, and razor-sharp comedy, ThunderCats Roar promises to reignite the passionate fanbase of these iconic characters, introducing the legacy of the ThunderCats to a whole new generation!


Tune-in: Monday – Friday @ 15:05 CAT

Dragon Ball Super

Cartoon Network Highlights: May 2020

Universe Survival Arc!
This May, Cartoon Network is bringing you the Universe Survival Saga, arc 5 Part 1. This is the fifth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super anime. It is also the fourth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga, aptly entitled Tournament of Power Saga.

The Tournament of Power, planned by Zeno, begins with multiple universes participating. Each universe having gathered a team of 10 fighters who battle alongside each other on a stage. However, will this prove to be the beginning of universal destruction? If a team were to lose, will their universe be destroyed immediately? Tune in to Cartoon Network this May to follow the battle.


Tune-in: Monday – Friday @ 16:45 CAT

Apple and Onion

Cartoon Network

Prison Break!
In a world full of anthropomorphic food, best friend’s Apple and Onion take on the big city with their daily adventures. Find out what happens in the all-new episodes. When Falafel is arrested for a string of headset robberies – Apple and Onion feel so convinced of his innocence that they make repeated attempts to break him out of jail. Though they may stumble (a lot) along the way, they use their can-do attitudes and out of the box thinking to take on the many challenges of life in the big city!


Tune-in: Weekends @ 16:30 CAT 

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