Cherubs – Sensitive and eco wipes triple pack with designer nursery box

The world of parenting can be both overwhelming and magical. There is arguably nothing more challenging than trying to take care of yourself, your home, your husband and, possibly, older siblings whilst simultaneously looking after a newborn.

For the many moms who are trying to ‘do it all’ and still switch gears seamlessly, life is a constant juggle and quest to create more time or find more hands.

That’s why Cherubs is offering mom ultimate convenience with its new product offering of Cherubs triple pack of wipes with a nursery box!

The lid of the nursery box closes tightly to prevent wipes from drying out. This allows for a longer lasting product in order to ensure that you get to make use of your money spent. There is no more stressing over whether you baby wipes will dry out and become unusable. Cherubs Designer nursery box, has solved your problem.

The unisex designer box will match any nursery theme and can be reused for years to come. The grey nursery box is visually appealing and therefore can be stored out in the open, without the need of finding already scarce cupboard space.

The new 3 pack baby wipe set, which comes with the fabulous and useful nursery box is a great option for busy moms who don’t have time to constantly shop for baby wipes and worry about them drying out. Cherubs has introduced convenience at its best.

Stockist: Available at Baby City and selected retailers.



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