Christmas Crafting

Welcome to Crafting Corner with Ella… I’m a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Every month I am going to share a special simple craft that I have completed with my adorable 2 year old son Aidan, for you to do with your little ones.

So, let’s get started with some Christmas crafting! For my first tutorial I decided to go with a plush Christmas tree. I figure since we are always keeping the little ones away from the family tree, it is only fair that they should have their own. I stayed away from traditional Christmas colours, so that the tree can easily fit in with room décor after you can no longer hear the jingle bells.

There are no loose attachments making it safe for babies, and if you gift it with fun stickers it’s great for a toddler to decorate (I only had letter stickers available for my son to try it out with, but sparkly ones would be awesome).


Christmas Crafting with Ella
Green material – I went with a whimsical leaf pattern (you can go all Christmas if you like)
Felt in the colour of your choice
Embroidery cotton to match felt
Teddy stuffing

1. Use your paper to plot out the design you want for your tree. I went for something very basic, which my little boy refers to as a triangle tree.
2. Cut out your shape (you will need two pieces of green material and a rectangle of felt) then draw a little face on your material.
3. Use your favourite stitch and embroidery cotton (with a needle – I assume this is a given, hehe) to trace the little face you drew
4. Turn your two pieces of material facing each other and pin together
5. Pin the felt where you want the base of tree, but do not sew it, this is just to remind you of the space needed for the base
6. Sew the two pieces together leaving an opening where you pinned the felt and a smaller opening on the side
7. See I’m pointing to the opening in the picture (yes that is my dressing gown, I’m super glam as you can tell)
8. Now sew the sides of your felt leaving the top open, creating a little pouch
9. Turn the felt pouch inside out and fill with teddy stuffing
10. Now take your little felt pouch and stick it inside the inside out tree with the two opening lined up as you can see in the pic…then sew closed
11. Turn the tree inside out and fill with teddy stuffing
12. Sew the little opening closed

Chrsitmas Crafting tutorial

TA DAH!!! There you have it, a simple adorable plush Christmas tree safe for any of your little ones to play with.

Christmas Crafting tree & stickers

Please leave a comment if there is anything you do not understand on my tutorials or if you have any questions at all!

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*Eleanor “Ella” Douglas is the creator and owner of Oh!Boy Kids Accessories

Ella Douglas-Meyers

Ella is a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Ella is a journalist by trade, works in layout and design Monday to Wednesday, and then freelance writes, blogs at Just Ella Bella, and designs and handmakes bespoke kids accessories and toys for her business Oh!Boy Kids the rest of the week.

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