Clean-up and organise with GLAD

Home organisation and clean-up: spend a Sunday afternoon putting in place a few of these hints to save you valuable time and effort down the line.


Line the fridge or freezer shelves with GLAD Press’n Seal to protect from spills and sticky messes. It makes for an easy clean up. Remove and replace the layer when necessary – GLAD Press’n Seal wrap stands out amongst other types of wraps as it doesn’t just cling – it seals.

The large GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Freezer bags are the perfect size for storing and protecting recipe clippings from your favourite magazines (consider categorising them into starters, mains and desserts). They can also be used to hold manuals and warranties for kitchen and household appliances.

Use GLAD Resealable Storage bags to organise and store pantry items such as pasta and flour – write the contents and date on the white label – easy to see and read. The added bonus is that these bags have a base and STAND-UP.

If you have glassware that you keep for special occasions only – wrap each piece with GLAD Wrap and put away in the cupboard – protects and keeps them clean.


GLAD Mini Snack Zip Seal Bags are perfect for storing smaller items such as jewellery, souvenirs, nails and screws as keeps them from getting lost plus your drawers will be tidy with everything accessible – remember to label the bags too.


Get your bathroom cabinet in shape by using GLAD Zip Seal Bags to organise and store cosmetics, hair clips, nail files and polish, soap, shaving supplies, medications and vitamins.

Home Interior:

Use GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Snack Bags for paper clips, rubber bands and odds and ends.
Use GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Bags to store sports accessories.

Store your special and extra linen, duvets, blankets and pillows in GLAD Press’n Seal with a fabric softener sheet on each side – keeps them smelling fresh and protects them from dust and mites.

Both GLAD Press’n Seal and the GLAD Zip Seal Resealable range are great for crafting and keeping small items like beads or pieces of paper for collages together.


Take old flower trays and fill with soil, seeds and water – then use GLAD Press’n Seal to cover/seal the top of the tray (from end-to-end) – your seedlings will flourish as the sunlight still penetrates through it, alternatively cover a small bowl or pan with GLAD Press’n Seal to make a miniature greenhouse or seed-starter.

Community organisation and clean-up:

While spring cleaning put the items you want to donate into a GLAD ForceFlex Bag – The strechable strength technology stretches around objects and awkward edges, preventing rips and tears, making them ideal for all types of goodies.

Go for a leisurely walk with GLAD’s ForceFlex Stretchable Strength refuse bags and help clean up litter around your home / park / area. These refuse bags have amazing stretching qualities. Ideal for carrying heavy loads.

Recycling made easy: to do your bit for the environment and seperate your garbage at source. If you don’t have seperate recycling bins, GLAD has three different colour refuse bags which will make sorting easy.

GLAD’s green Stretchable Strength ForceFlex is ideal for glass.

Strong black GLAD Refuse bags is fabulous for paper.

Use the white citrus fragranced GLAD Tough and Strong bags for plastic recyclables.

GLAD – Making Life a Little Easier

Please visit for more information. Available in the GLAD aisle of most supermarkets.

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