The Clevamama Toilet Training Sleep Mat; helping make toilet training easier

Toilet training can be a difficult time for children and parents alike. Moms and dads dread waking up in the middle of the night to a wet toddler, meaning they then have to change all the linen as well as little one.

The Clevamama Toilet Training Sleep Mat is comfortable for children to use and helps take the stress out of bedtime accidents that will inevitably occur.

Bed wetting is a common occurrence that can affect up to 14% of children into their early teens. There are many causes but this discreet training sleep mat can reduce some of the stress for both child and parent.

The Clevamama Toilet Training Sleep Mat has a discreet layer of waterproof polyurethane placed between two soft layers of brushed cotton. Parents can simply place the mat on top of the bed linen and remove for washing after bed wetting, leaving the rest of the bed intact.

The mat is both machine washable and tumble dry safe. Suitable for use from 12 months of age.

Available at Baby City, Toys-R-Us and selected Baby Boom stores at a recommended retail price of R202.00.

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