Coloured eucalyptus lentils for sensory play (and a blocked nose)

Aaaaand Crafting Corner with Ella is back!! Winter means many things, I love that it means hot chocolate and cosy coats, but I’m not the biggest fan of the fact that it means stuffy noses and bored kids stuck inside. So, I did what I do – made something to keep the kids busy that also helps with the stuffy noses! Coloured eucalyptus lentils!

Aidan has always had issues with his sinuses, he is almost always a little stuffy. And because I don’t want to keep plying him with drugs I often use homeopathic things to help ease his symptoms a little. The smell of eucalyptus oil is great for this, so I put a few drops on his pillow at bed time. Last year I realised adding it to his play dough worked wonders… because he could play and get better at the same time. With this in mind I came up with a fun “sensory play” way to ease his stuffy nose – Coloured eucalyptus lentils!

Originally I was going to use rice for this project (the method is the same by the way), but I decided to do something a little different and use the lentils – which for some unknown reason – we have loads of.

Coloured Eucalyptus Lentils


Coloured eucalyptus lentils ingredients

Dried lentils

Food colouring (sorry for the state of my food colouring bottles, most of my crafts are done with the “help” of a toddler)

Zip lock bags

Eucalyptus oil


Scoop some dried lentils into your packets (I used a 3rd of a half a cup in each packet)Coloured eucalyptus lentils 2

Put some food colouring into each bag (I used 2.5ml but you can be the judge and add more for a more vibrant colour)Coloured eucalyptus lentils 4

Rub the packet to distribute colour

Coloured eucalyptus lentils 5

Then put in a few drops of the essential oil (please do colouring first, I messed up with the blue lentils by putting in oil first and the oil kept the colour from sticking as well as I had hoped)

Coloured eucalyptus lentils 6

Rub the packet again

Lay lentils out on a piece of paper and leave to dry

Coloured eucalyptus lentils 7

Once dry you can give it a sniff and decide whether you need more oil or just hand it to your kid to play 🙂

Coloured eucalyptus lentils 8If you did add more oil, don’t forget to let it dry again


Aidan playing with Coloured eucalyptus lentils

*TIP* put down a blanket where your child is playing, when they are done just grab all four sides of the blanket and the lentils will fall into an easy to scoop pile in the middle.

I would love your feedback, thoughts and comments on this craft. Do you have any special winter crafts that stimulate the senses? I would LOVE to hear all about it!

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Ella Douglas-Meyers

Ella is a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Ella is a journalist by trade, works in layout and design Monday to Wednesday, and then freelance writes, blogs at Just Ella Bella, and designs and handmakes bespoke kids accessories and toys for her business Oh!Boy Kids the rest of the week.


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