Counter spring allergies with spirulina

Spirulina, widely regarded as one of the world’s most nutritious super foods, has been shown to significantly help alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies.

Springtime can be a struggle for allergy sufferers with a host of triggers setting off allergic reactions.  The most common triggers according to WebMD  are:

  • Tree, grass and weed pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mite and cockroach allergens
  • Cat, dog and rodent dander

A study conducted by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine of 36 patients with nasal allergies before and after taking spirulina found a significant improvement in fighting allergies in patients who took 2000mg spirulina daily for 12 weeks (see here).

Pharmacist and complimentary medicines expert, Giulia Criscuolo said while allergies were generally not life-threatening, they impacted negatively on those who suffered from them.

“Considering the amount of money spent on anti-allergy medication, it cannot be considered a minor problem. I recommend supplementing with super multi-nutrient, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina — one of the purest, most potent spirulina available — to boost overall health, immunity and energy.”

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina is one of the most powerful sources of nutrition found in nature, containing over 100 nutrients, including vitamins, the full spectrum of minerals, highly nutritious vegetable protein, chlorophyll, enzymes and anti-oxidants. Spirulina’s incredible nutritional potency has been recognised by the UN and NASA.

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem and most major pharmacies.

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