Developing your child’s skillset

When it comes to developing your child’s skillset, look no further than the LG OLED C9

With the whole of South Africa in lockdown with not much to do, it’s no secret that most of us will be huddling in front of our TV’s for the unforeseeable future.

After all, we know that TV is a great way for anyone in the family to pass the time. The LG OLED C9, however, is not an ordinary TV. With its unique features, there are a whole host of ways this nifty device can aid anyone in developing skills they thought they never had, particularly your kids.

Don’t believe us? Here are three skills the LG OLED can help your kids to develop:

Social Skills


Many children, particularly those with learning or attention disabilities, can find social interaction challenging. For some, it isn’t easy to pick up on social cues. TV can be a great and entertaining way to learn how to pick up on these.

Active TV viewing with your children allows you to spend time together watching shows that exaggerate social interactions. Simply pausing from time to time, and starting a dialogue with your child about the interactions that you have seen, can go a long way in helping them to overcome, what could be an obstacle for them.

The LG OLED TV is particularly well-equipped to help you do this. With Dolby Atmos, you’ll both be able to hear and understand the subtle nuances in conversations due to crystal clear sound.



The most important thing about your kids watching TV is what they are watching. And with so much great entertainment to choose from these days, be sure to pick a program that teaches them something.

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long lecture on Astrophysics, a simple 15 minutes of an educational show, in between movies and cartoons, or picking a film that has an educational theme, can leave your kids with a lasting thought.

Finding the right educational content is all about finding content that is relevant to your child’s age group.

Here is a list of the top educational shows across multiple age groups, on a variety of content platforms:

Netflix: ‘30 Great Educational Netflix Shows’

DSTV: ‘DStv is making ‘School at Home’ possible during the nationwide lockdown’

SABC: ‘SABC launches new dedicated education channel

Many TV shows and movies have stories that use robots and AI, so try to teach your kids about these topics using your AI-enabled LG OLED C9. Watching AI come to life in picture and video could make a connection with them, helping them retain the information and sharing it with their friends.

The LG OLED C9 also inspires education with its Voice Control Technology, allowing kids to search for a variety of topics with ease, simply by speaking into the LG Magic Remote to search for things like:

  • Searching for television content by name, channel number, genre
  • Launching apps via voice commands
  • Turning your TV on when a program begins, and off when it ends
  • Finding nearby restaurants
  • Looking up actors’ names and information
  • Getting programme and scheduling information


Just like cooking shows, movies, cartoons, series and even music, creativity is at the heart of almost all TV. It’s also an important part of every child’s development. Having the opportunity to express themselves in different forms or immerse themselves in different worlds allows them to tap into their thoughts.

As parents, you even have an opportunity to take this a step further and really dive into the creative side of your children. Why not watch a cooking show, then recreate the dish together. Or watch a musical concert to get your child interested in expressing themselves by learning a musical instrument.

The LG OLED C9 is a great tool to unlock this creative talent because of its AI immersive technology. A music concert, a small town in the South of Spain or outer space, is fully-imagined through adapting picture and sound to make them excited, and truly feel like they were there.

Ultimately, the LG OLED C9 is not just a TV. It’s a tool that can be used to teach and transport your children, unlocking their potential, and bringing you closer together in the process. And with hours of entertainment and education at their fingertips, you’ll also know that their eyes are taken care of. LG OLED TVs are “Eye Comfort Display” certified, which means they emit a lower level of blue light and protect your eyes while learning, creating or exploring.

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