Different cover for different stages

Student life, executive life, retrenched life. We could go on, and each stage has a need that online comparison site Hippo.co.za can assist with. Hippo.co.za has shared the report on adult life stages as illustrated by Nicholas W. Weiler and Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

At the early ages of 18-26, most young adults leave their home comfort zones to establish their independent spaces, finances and careers. Typically at this stage romantic interests, professional associates and peer groups are established.* Tentative or provisional commitments, such as buying a new car, are made.

Between the ages of 27-31 individuals are overwhelmed by the turmoil of who they are becoming and the direction their lives are taking. They often find themselves racing against time. Many people deal with this by taking some time out to travel and explore the world.

The next decade to come, approximately between the ages of 32-42, is when commitments are made, relative order and stability become key, and we settle down into much more responsible factions such as family life.* This is typically the life stage where we make long-term commitments such as purchasing a home for our families.

A mid-life transition occurs at the approximate ages of 42-48. Most individuals go through a mid-life crisis. A tendency to question everything, including “the dream” becomes evident. Values are then evaluated and weighed against career pursuits and a period of reassessment and realignment takes place. At this stage, many people move into an executive position in their career, or start growing their own businesses.

Although these life stages are inevitable for most, things may not turn out the way we had planned. At every stage in our lives unpredictable events may occur, such as crashing your car, losing your travel documents abroad, fire or flood damage to your family home, or the threat of litigation in your business.

Luckily, these factors do not have to be a concern if you have adequate insurance cover. The Hippo.co.za website which is free to use allows South Africans to compare quotes and benefits from a range of providers, for all the abovementioned risks. Comparing not only empowers you to choose the best cover for your needs, it also allows you to save. At least 8 out of 10 Hippo.co.za customers have saved an average of R348 per month on their car and home insurance.”

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