DJ Fresh to refresh needy Soweto daycare

Famed radio personality DJ Fresh and online classifieds giant Gumtree South Africa are collecting donations to “refresh” a needy daycare facility in Soweto, called Little Pina Pina.

“Little Pina Pina feeds 60 children three healthy meals a day from a tiny kitchen with a single old stove – that’s dedication,” says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing Gumtree South Africa. “There is no lack of care, love and attention at Little Pina Pina, but there are other needs that the carers simply can’t address. The play area needs to be cleared and the swing set repaired, the walls need to be replastered to remove sharp corners, and some broken windows need replacing. We want to help them with that.”

The concept of the project is similar to the television show, Extreme Home Makeover, but the beauty of it is that anyone can participate.

“The items they really need are things that are lying around all of our houses, unused. Blankets, heaters, crockery, mirrors, pictures, toys and books, pots, appliances. Gumtree will help you donate those items by collecting them straight from you, from anywhere in Johannesburg,” says Cobbledick. “We would also welcome donations of time and skills.”

In a local version of Extreme Home Makeover, Gumtree will be giving Little Pina Pina an Extreme ReFresh by converting the outside play area (that is cemented) with artificial grass to prevent skinned knees, a sandbox, planters with greenery, and a brand new jungle gym that has already been donated by a participant.

“We also want to bring in carpeting, fresh paint, new plumbing, and plenty of pretty things – posters, pictures and mirrors – as a treat for the kids.”

DJ Fresh kicked off the donations by giving up his washing machine, saying he is “a sucker for making a difference” and is appealing to everyone to look through their garages and cupboards for donations.

If you would like to participate, please visit

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