Easter crafts for kids

We are hopping with excitement here at Crafting Corner with Ella as we can’t wait to share our Easter crafts for kids with you today! Something affordable, easy and FUN to do with your little humans in this first week of school holidays. And something personal and handmade to give to the other kids in your life as opposed to sweets and chocolates!

It was craft day in our house again. Who am I kidding? It is always craft day in our house! But this was a little different, it was a themed one! Not just, “Here Aidan play with your art set while I work or watch Friends reruns”. We got down with some Easter crafts for kids when Aidy and I made Easter Treat Bags. Why? Because although I am big on celebrating Easter, I am not too big on tons of chocolate (for kids). I prefer to shake things up a little with a toy or activity, along with the chocolate treat – all packed into a pretty themed bag.

This year we (it is the first year that Aidan helped) made three different bags with one thing in common… BROWN PAPER LUNCH BAGS, because they are cheap and I really love the look of them!

Easter Treat Bags – Bunny potato stamps


Easter Treat Bags 1.1
Brown Paper bags
A potato
An ink pad (paint dipped sponge works well)
A sharp knife


Cut the potato in half and dry the cut section Easter Treat Bags 1.3
Draw a bunny pattern on itEaster Treat Bags 1.2
Cut out the bunny using a sharp knifeEaster Treat Bags 1.4
Stamp in whatever pattern you like

Easter Treat Bags 1.6

You can leave it like that or do like I did and trace around each of the bunnies with a coordinating marker

Easter Treat Bags 1.5

Easter Treat Bag 1 done!

Easter Treat Bags 1.7

Easter Treat Bags – Bunny tail bag


Easter Treat Bags 2.1
Brown paper bag
Wool (I only had twine at hand but it worked)
Coloured paper

Cut a bunny shape out of coloured paper (you can trace a print or be brave and freehand like I did)

Easter Treat Bags 2.2
Take the twine/wool and wrap around two fingers a couple of times

Easter Treat Bags 2.3
Tie in the middle like a crude bow

Easter Treat Bags 2.4
Cut both sides of the bow

Easter Treat Bags 2.5
Fluff out the tail cutting where necessary to get a nice round shape
Stick tail to the bunny

Easter Treat Bags 2.6
Stick bunny to bag

Easter Treat Bag 2 done!

Easter Treat Bags 2.7

Easter Treat Bags – Bunny Ears Bag (the simplest for littles)

Brown paper bag
Pretty fabric or ribbon Easter Treat Bags 3.1

Cut a V shape in the top of the closed bag

Easter Treat Bags 3.2
Tie ribbon/material under the newly formed ears and pull into shape
Easter Treat Bag 2 done!Easter Treat Bags 3.3



 Have a very H(o)ppy Easter everybody!

I would love your feedback, thoughts and comments on Easter Crafts for kids! Have you created some form of Easter themed bag before? I would LOVE to hear all about it!

Did anybody venture a go at the In Love Emoji pillow last month? Share a photo on our Facebook page if you did!!

Feel free to pop over to our Pinterest board and follow along as we discover and share new crafts for and your little ones to try.

Is there some DIY craft you would like to see me try? Drop us a mail at editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject “Crafting Corner with Ella”.

*Eleanor “Ella” Douglas is the creator and owner of Oh!Boy Kids Accessories. For more about Ella, you can go here.

Ella Douglas-Meyers

Ella is a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Ella is a journalist by trade, works in layout and design Monday to Wednesday, and then freelance writes, blogs at Just Ella Bella, and designs and handmakes bespoke kids accessories and toys for her business Oh!Boy Kids the rest of the week.

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