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There have been a few raised eyebrows as more people are looking at giving kids Easter gifts. Many of us parents are trying really hard to move our kids to a healthier way of living and breaking the association with sweets being the only treats. Toys can keep the fun and excitement of Easter, without the sugar rush and crash that follows. Finding the right gifts can even enhance the element of surprise and delight.

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Easter Gifts ideas – Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks

If you really want to keep to the “egg” theme with Easter gifts, you cannot go wrong with the Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks! A little egg that holds chirping and pecking noises, only to crack open to release 1 of 5 possible adorable little hopping chicks. You won’t know which chick you have until that very first hatch! But the good news is, you can pop it back into the egg and watch him hatch over and over again.

(A little extra note… my father and husband have spent HOURS watching the little chick hatch and giggling… And I may have made giggly videos of my own when the kids get a fright every single time the egg opens! Essentially, not just a gift for the kids!)

The Chicks have sensitive touch sensors, which means your little pet responds to your touch with tweets and songs. You can also get the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick House, that comes with one little Chick to add to your collection.

Easter Gifts ideas – Cupcake Surprise Dolls

Cupcake Surprise dolls transform from brightly cupcakes that smell amazing, into beautiful collectible dolls! These dolls are so gorgeous and firm favourites in our home. Charly got 3 mini’s for Christmas and a full size one last week from Prima Toys. She spends a lot of time brushing their hair and running around making everybody smell them.

Cupcake Surprise Dolls cupcakesCupcake Surprise Dolls openingCupcake Surprise Dolls open

There are 12 princesses. Each begins as a colourfully decorated cupcake and, with a flip of their soft rubber skirt, turns into a unique doll. They also have a soft but lasting scent of chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, grape or peanut butter.

Easter Gifts ideas – Baby Secrets

Moms of a certain age will be thrilled to hear about the Baby Secrets collectibles… (I mean, for their kids, of course! Not just because the idea is reminiscent of a series of toys from our childhoods.) Keeping in line with the theme of magical surprises and collectibles, I cannot avoid sharing Baby Secrets! This range of 50 dolls has layers of surprises!

Easter gifts - Baby Secrets

Firstly, there is always a surprise baby in a sealed bathtub!! “Why a bathtub?” you ask… Because each baby has a white diaper… and when you pop them into the bath in a little water, the diaper changes either pink or blue so you know whether you have a boy or a girl! I will never ever forget the excitement I felt as a child waiting to see which one of the collection I got and THEN finding out if I got a boy or a girl. And it popped my heart watching Charly go through the exact same emotions as she opened her baby secret themed pack!

Easter gifts - baby secrets
Easter Gifts ideas – Shopkins

Charly discovered the Shopkins during one of her YouTube binges. Not only the cute little webshow, but endless toy blind bag and surprise egg videos. She has been asking for them forever; so when Prima Toys delivered one of the World Vacation playsets containing 4 open Shopkins and 1 blindbag I knew she was going to be the happiest kid on earth. I wasn’t wrong.

For the uninitiated, Shopkins are teeny little plastic once-grocery, now everyday object, items with faces and cute personalities. They are a worldwide phenomenon that kids go nuts for and in all likelihood were the precursor to our grocery stores adding their own branded mini collectible ranges. Unlike our SA shop collectibles that you have to earn through accumulated spending, Shopkins can be bought in single blindbags, in themed sets, in packs of 2 to packs of 20+ in most online and bricks-and-mortar stores. Buy a bunch of blind bags and hide them around the garden instead of Easter Eggs!

  1. So many cute toys. I want to be a kid again 😉
    I remember those diaper babies :p
    (5 collectable chicks)

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