Equipping Women in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Keystone Medical is encouraging women to have their annual screening done. Keystone Medical is making a collective effort to find innovative ways to arm and equip patients in the fight against breast cancer.

Keystone Medical is a leading Radiology practice. They are using the month of October to shine the light on the issue of breast cancer awareness and breast health. However, they encourage doctors and patients to prioritise awareness throughout the year.

breast cancerKeystone Medical aims to make screening more accessible to all women of South Africa with our state-of-the-art mobile screening unit. By making their equipment mobile, Keystone Medical allows more patients to utilise a screening process. Their process uses the latest mammography technology, requiring less deep pressure and discomfort for quality imaging. Breast ultrasonography further enhances breast cancer detection rates and diagnostic abilities.

A Mammogram is a specialised imaging method that uses low dose X-rays to evaluate the internal structure of the breast. Mammography is an important diagnostic tool, used in the early detection of breast cancer.

All South Africans are affected by the effects of breast cancer in one way or another. This impact could be personal, or through family and friends. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races. In fact, one in 27 women are at risk of being diagnosed with beast cancer in their lifetime.

Advances in the Mammogram procedure

breast cancer

Keystone Medical highlights the importance of detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Early detectiion drastically increases treatment options and survival rates. Dr Pieter Henning, a Radiologist and Director of Keystone Medical weighs in. He say that the perception that a mammogram is a painful procedure, is false..

Advances in technology have made the screening process less invasive, while still improving detection rates. “At Keystone Medical, we pride ourselves on providing sensitive care to our patients, understanding the uncertainty as well as anxiety related to such an intimate screening process,” said Dr Henning. “Our expertly trained all-female staff provide informative guidance during the entire screening process.”

Keystone Medical advocates annual screening for all patients starting from age 40. However, they emphasize that women should not wait until they feel a breast lump before prioritising a mammogram. If there is a history of breast cancer in an immediate relative, patients should start screening 10 years before the age of the relatives’ diagnosis. Keystone Medical promotes monthly breast self-examinations for women of all ages, even under 40 years old. Afterwards they offers a diagnostic ultrasound for any breast abnormality detected.

Where to find the Mobile Mammography Unit

The world-class Mobile Mammography Unit is currently stationed in Johannesburg. Patients can book a screening at Keystone Medical in Montana, Centurion and Brits. Otherwise, visit the website www.ks-med.co.za for details of the mobile unit’s next stop.

Keystone Medical encourages women to make a mammogram part of their annual routine check-ups. They offer mammograms to both private and Medical Aid patients. Patients with medical aid can contact Keystone Medical for assistance with benefit checks.

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