Five tips to get your children excited to go back to school

After nearly a month of summer holidays your children are going to find it hard to discover their motivation to go back to school. Focusing will prove to be difficult as they struggle to switch from holiday mode to real-life mode.

Professional motivational speaker and life-coach Godfrey Madanhire, has compiled his top five tips to help you create excitement and motivation to get your children back into the learning spirit, quickly and easily and ready to go back to school.

Tip 1: Start turning everyday events, or objects, into fun learning experiences

The number one comeback from children who complain about going back to school is the cliché: “But will I ever use this in real life?”

Rather than argue with them, show them how school lessons are applied in everyday life. Shopping, an ordinary experience, provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate maths in action. Mix sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and vinegar together to demonstrate the fun of science. Or simply read with them to show that entertainment can be found beyond TV or computer screens.  Motivating your children by demonstrating how their knowledge can be implemented will not only encourage them to learn from the get-go, but will inspire them to carry on learning throughout the year.

Tip 2: Get your children involved in your own learning experience

As adults we like to pretend to our children that we know it all but, as is often the case, being honest is a far better option. Making learning a collaborative experience between you and your child will not only lead to invaluable bonding time but also help to create motivation for school learning. Before the end of the holiday, take them with you on an exciting trip to a zoo, aquarium, or science centre. These trips with your children will show, by example, that learning is fun and something to get motivated about.

Tip 3: Create curiosity about the lessons they’re about to embark on

Start posing interesting questions to your children before the beginning of the school year. Children became motivated to learn when presented with a challenge, even if it is just answering your question. Make sure the questions you’re posing are tailored to their interests. If your child loves the great outdoors make sure the questions you pose are related. The more you’re able to relate the questions to their interests the more intrigue you’ll generate, which in turn equals better motivation to start the new school year.

Tip 4: Remind your children that school is more than just lessons

It may seem counterintuitive to suggest that friends will help your children get back into the learning swing, but remember not all lessons are taught in the classroom.  Part of all our education was learning how to interact with other people. Also with friends comes competition, one of the best motivators to excel. Gently remind them that going back to school isn’t just about formal lessons, it’s also more time with friends.

Tip 5: Every child has a hobby or interest, relate these to lessons at school

If your child gets excited about the outdoors, crushing monsters in video games, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, use these interests to motivate them to learn more about their interests at school. Link school subjects with their extracurricular activities and tell them that by learning more about them, through related subjects at school, they will become better at their favourite hobbies.

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