Food freshness tips & a chance to win with GLAD

Lunch is an important meal that helps maintain energy levels for the afternoon. GLAD is here to give you a hand on how to store and protect your food for lunches, keeping them fresh throughout the day. Along with these helpful tips below, they are also offering you a chance to win one of two R300 product hampers!

See the steps below from GLAD to help guide you.

Step 1: Write a meal plan for the week and take it with you to the supermarket so you know exactly what to buy. When you get home, stick it on your fridge so you can keep track as the week goes on. Planning meals in advance is the best way to save money, give your family a balanced diet and get organised for the week ahead.

Step 2: Learn how long ingredients last (from one day to several weeks). With GLAD products you can write the date on the item, which will help familiarise yourself with the lifespan of ingredients you use regularly.

Step 3: Stock up on Cling Wrap, Zip Seal Resealable Bags and Press’n Seal to prepare, portion and protect your food on a daily basis.

Step 4: Knowledge equals fresher food for longer, proper food storage means less waste. A leading cause for food being thrown out is because people are not sure how to store it. A few more tips to help you with your step by step on-the-go plan.

Vegetables and fruits

  • Did you know that 9 million tonnes of food goes to waste every year in South Africa. The highest food waste costs are with fruit and vegetables.
  • The best product to use to protect and store your fruit and vegetables would be the new GLAD Cling Wrap with 1.5 x tighter seal for long-lasting freshness.


  • The best product to protect your sandwiches for lunch is the GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Sandwich Bags.


  • Cheese is best wrapped in GLAD Cling Wrap or GLAD Press’n Seal for long lasting freshness

Dry Snacks

  • GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Snack Bags are perfect for little snacks, such as crackers or nuts.

Baked Goods

  • GLAD’s new Cling Wrap is perfect for baked goods such as pies or muffins.

All GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer. GLAD – Making Life Easier.


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  1. A little poem about glad .
    I am just as strong as plastic
    Everybody thinks I’m fantastic
    If you put me away ,for along time I’ll stay
    If you throw me away off to the recycling bay..
    Wrap me around your food or present
    For it makes me feel pleasant
    To keep your fruits & veggies
    Fresh & crisp it will make me feel glad .
    Awesome giveaway .

  2. I have Liked GLAD SOUTH AFRICA on Facebook
    & Liked Tums 2 Tots Online Magazine and shared the competition. love Glad products!


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